Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ultimate 80's Weekend: Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon, Scorpions, RockSugar, Ratt.....ahhhh yeah!!!

I have a confession to make- I am slightly addicted to 80's music. Ok, I'm VERY addicted to it! But hey, I was born in the 80's so it's all good! Monday after I got out of the hospital (had some tests done on my heart) Jack suprised me with tickets to see one of my favorite artists- Pat Benatar! This past weekend was insane...but fun! Friday I worked on packing up my apartment then that night, Jack took me to Live at the Garden to see REO Speedwagon & Pat Benatar. It was soo much fun! He brought a picnic dinner (and a flower) for me and we had an awesome date night at the concert!

I have to say, Pat Benatar is still SOOO awesome! I was really happy that she sang some of my favorite songs too AND that a lot of her set was done acoustic- it was good!! Some of my favorites that she sang were :Heartbreaker (she closed with that one), We Belong, & Shadows of the Night. REO Speedwagon opened up for her and they were pretty good too!

 My absolutely favorite parts of the Pat Benatar show though was when her and her husband, Spyder sang a song called, " I don't wanna be your friend" - it was incredable! (I fully intend to learn this one on guitar soon!) Her husband was amazing on guitar and she had the most amazingly raw and perfect voice for that kind of song! Before the song they explained that it was based on a dream that she had about her husband cheating on her (he didn't really though)...she was apparently soo pissed off about her dream that she was inspired to write this song!

 Pat Benatar singing "Heartbreaker" in this one! (we were all the way in the back, so the picture isn't the best)
Pretty flower Jack gave me before the Live at the Garden show:) (It fit in perfectly with the picnic theme!)

Saturday was MOVING DAY! It was insane but great. It was my first time using a moving company as I can't do a lot right now since my heart is in a little bit of rough shape (having surgery Aug. 16). I used Cooper Moving and I have to say that they were wonderful! They had everything done in a few short hours, nothing was broken, and I think I had the two most kind, hard-working guys ever. I was soo happy that I called their manager after the move and gave them an awesome review! So to any of my friends that are looking to move in the future- definitely use them! They're do nation-wide moves. I will post pictures of the new diggs soon!

Sunday- WOW Sunday was AHHHH-MAZING! Jack took me to see my favorite band on the face of the earth (second only to Green Day ;)) We went to see the Scorpions!!!!! On Friday afternoon I heard an announcement over the radio that they would be playing at Mud Island on Sunday night. I immediately freaked out and kenw I HAD to go!! My amazingly wonderful boyfriend definitely gets some brownie points for getting me tickets to that show! ;) It was AWESOME! Rock Sugar opened (they're an incredable 80's cover band), RATT played next and totally got the party started, then the Scorpions came on and totally made it one of the most awesome concerts I've ever been to! The next day I didn't have much of a voice left since I pretty much screamed the entire show! It was such a good concert; All three bands were soo fun! It ment the world to me to get to go too because it was the Farewell tour for the Scorpions here (They're from Germany). So realistically, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of my favorite bands. What really made the night special though was having Jack by my side to enjoy the concert too!

Here are a few pictures from the Scorpions concert! They didn't sing my absolute favorite song, "Send Me an Angel", but they did sing a TON of my other favorites--- "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Still Loving You", "Wind of Change"- they were incredable on that one! "The Zoo", "Big City Nights" ,"Tease Me Please Me"...ahhh and the list goes on! They were soo good!

These two guys were hard-core haha. They kept the party going even between bands! I believe this was between set-ups for Ratt & the Scorpions here. I have no doubt that they had an amazing hangover the next day ;)
Me & Jack at the Scorpions show! Sooo excited!!!

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