Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pictures of what's to come!

Here's a little glimpse of what's to come with the new apartment! These are pictures of the model they showed me, but it's supposed to be identical to the unit I'm moving into this weekend! I go tomorrow to sign the lease and let them take pictuers of my puppy (one of their requirements I suppose), then I move in on Saturday! I can't wait! :) I'll definitely take some good pictures once I get everything unpacked & decorated. I have a feeling that Ranger will like it there too- they have a private entrance to the Shelby Farms dog park-ya!

I LOVE the master bedroom's hard to tell in the picture, but it goes a long way back- you could definitely live in it!
The guest bathroom

Another one of the guest bathroom with the curved shower curtain rod (love those!) Now all I need is a curtain for that bathroom!
Master bathroom- Hello Garden Tub- I can't wait to introduce you to my LUSH products!
One of the bathroom vanities and my niece Taylor being goofy
Master bathroom vanity I think
A few shots of the bedrooms (they're about the same size). Not the best quality pictures, I'll try to get some better ones! 
My complex I'll be moving into (the second floor unit is mine)
A picture I took from the 3rd floor model apartment that overlooks the apartment complex I'll be moving into on the other side
guest bathroom again
LOVE the kitchen!

the pantry

Here are a few pictures from the apartment complex's website:

Outside of some of the complex
Amazing grill area!! I'm excited about this spot!

Floorplan Layout (I believe this one is mine)

I still need to get good pictues of the bedrooms, laundry area, living room & dining area, but I'll do that soon!

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