Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Time To Remember

Today is 9/11/10. Even though it has been 9 years, I still remember the 9/11 attacks as vividly as if they happened yesterday. I was in my 10th grade world history class that day. I remember earlier that morning on my walk to class how beautiful it was that day; I remember thinking to myself, "wow, it's gorgeous outside". The sky was soo blue that morning...

Once I got in class, my teacher took roll and began teaching. I remember our school president comming over the intercom a short while later to tell us about what had happened to the first WTC tower. My teacher went to the storage closet and wheeled a tv out so we could watch the news coverage. Before that day, terrorism wasn't even a word in my vocabulary. That entire day that almost every single teacher had the tv's on so we could watch the coverage. Everyone was stunned and devistated. I remember teachers leading us in prayer that day and trying to comfort us. I remember my eyes filling with tears as we all watched the coverage of the planes hitting the towers, the fire that filled Pentagon, and hearing the news of the plane that crashed in the Pennsylvania field.I remember being horrified that something would happen to my sister Kimmy's family since they lived in Pennsylvania at the time.  I remember watching the video clips over and over and over again...I remember my heart filling with grief for those precious souls that lost their lives that day and their families that would never see their loved ones again. I remember being hundreds of miles away from where the attacks occured, but still panicking because nothing seemed safe anymore and the little "safety bubble" that America lived in had changed for good.

When I got home that day I remember hearing local politicians talking about protecting all of the FedEx hubs (Memphis is the internatial headquarters), the Pyramid, Beale Street, was scarry.  We were not even close to where the attacks hit, but because nobody knew when all of the attacks would end, everyone was in panic mode. I remember the local news stations listing off a lot of potential targets and telling everyone to stay home. After school practices and events were all cancelled. I remember yellow ribbons, tears, and hugs that next morning and realizing that the previous day was not a just a horrible dream.
I'll never forget that day.

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