Monday, September 6, 2010

Note To Self....

Note to self: whenever using a candle warmer/candle for the first time since your last move, ALWAYS check the candle jar to make sure the entire bottom isn't cracked so that wax doesn't melt all over your counter. ;) What can I say...I'm clumsy and well, weird things always seem to happen to me! Candle wax all over my counter? Seriosuly?!

Once I let it dry, the part that stuck to my counter came off in one piece and didn't even leave a mark, thank goodness! I froze the warmer/broken bottom of the jar for a few hours and was able to pop the rest of it off in one piece as well (without getting cut on the broken glass, thankfully). Now, the warmer is all clean and ready for a new candle. What a good excuse to pay Yankee Candle Co. a visit!!

Hope you guys enjoyed a little laugh at my goofy expense today :). I have been a little lax on blogging lately- I still need to post about my heart surgery and my new 4 legged addition, Macy! I'll have to get on that soon!

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