Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Review: The Hunger Games trilogy!

Behold: The BEST trilogy ever!

I purchased "The Hunger Games" trilogy back before the first movie ever came out, with the intention of reading them all and then seeing the movie. Unfortunately, life got in the way a bit and I didn't actually start reading the books until this week. I did however see the movie when it first came out and I personally thought that the movie was terrific. That being said, it doesn't even hold a candle in comparison to the books! (Which is typically true of many movie vs. book scenarios in my opinion.) So, if you've held off on reading the books because you weren't in love with the movie, definitely remember to not judge a book by it's movie! 

Once I picked up the first book, "The Hunger Games" I could not break away from it until I finished the entire thing. It was very well written, and the pace of the story line was pure perfection! I finished the first book in under a day, and immediately started in on "Catching Fire." The story line was equally gripping and just as riveting! I also finished that book within a day. The last book in the trilogy, "Mockingjay" was just as incredible as the first two. When I finished it up tonight, I found myself thinking, "NOOOOOO! Now what am I going to read?!" 

The trilogy was so incredible that I literally finished all three books within three days. I just could not tear myself away from them! Lets just say that it takes a VERY riveting book to get me to that point of intense reading...to maintain my interest with an entire trilogy is an even larger challenge! In general, I can be a bit of a "distracted" type reader. I often alternate between multiple books when I get bored with one. This was not the case at all with this trilogy; I never wanted to set them down!  "The Hunger Games" trilogy lives up to the hype! None of the other books I currently own are up to the challenge of rivaling this series, so now my new mission in life is to find another trilogy that MIGHT be able to rival The Hunger Games trilogy in it's fantastic splendor. This website seems to have a pretty good list of suggestions, so I might give one of these a try.

If any of you lovelies enjoy reading and have yet to check out "The Hunger Games" trilogy, do yourself a favor and pick up the books; they're amazing! 

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