Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Yesterday I had to go to the dentist (second one this week; the first one was so horrid I left) to get a broken crown fixed. 6 injections and a ton of nitrous later, I was still out of it until late last night! (My body metabolizes anestetics/things like that really fast, so she kept having to give me more to make sure my mouth was numb enough to work on...NOT fun!).

2. Currently burning "Autumn" from Bath & Body Works.

3. Comcast finally came out today to fix my phone line and Internet. Yay!

4. I'm working on my fourth load of laundry or today.

5. I started making homemade bolognese sauce this morning around 9ish, and it's been simmering ever since. Can't wait until dinner time!

6. I still need to pick up my comforter from the dry cleaners....I keep forgetting! (This is more of a note to myself!) Also, if you're in the market for a new comforter set, make sure the one you get doesn't say, "dry clean only" like the one I unknowingly grabbed did.

7. I'm planning to paint my nails in a little while, so I should have a new "nail of the day" post coming soon! Stay tuned!

8. I REALLY want to see "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"!

9. Yesterday I picked up some new cushions for my couch...what a difference it made!!

10. My favorite lip gloss at the moment is Bath & Body Work's "Honey Autumn Apple". It is amazing!

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