Friday, September 7, 2012


Do you ever have a day when things just are not going your way? Not so much a bad day, but just one of those days when you should really stay in bed...for your own safety! This has been my day today.

Everything was going terrifically well until lunch time. After Ranger and I got back home from the park, I decided to feed the animals and fix some lunch for myself. Suffice it to say, I should have gone out for lunch!

So today's menu included a turkey burger, sweet peas, and a few sweet potato fries. Sounds like a pretty safe lunch, right? Not if you're a klutz!

While I let my grill heat up (one of those knock-off George Foreman grills; I think mine is by HG. I use mine almost daily and LOVE it!) I decided to separate the turkey burger patties from one another. (I like to keep a box of the Jenni-O ones in my freezer because they're super quick to make, and are a lot healthier than running out to grab fast food. After today though, I might switch brands! My gripe about the Jenni-O burgers is that you can not let them thaw before you cook them on the grill, otherwise they'll fall apart. So, you have to quickly get them on there so they cook well (I season once I place them on the grill). They are packaged in sets of two with a little white piece of paper between the two patties. Today, they were frozen so badly that no matter how much I tried to pry them apart, they wouldn't budge! In the midst of my frustration, I thought it would be a fanfreakingtastic idea to grab one of my Cold Steel steak knives to separate them. I've done this so many times before and have never cut myself. (As a florist, you learn REALLY quickly about the safe way to use a knife for cutting.) Today, I was not so lucky though. My fingers slipped a bit while I was separating the patties, and my right hand that was holding the knife slammed the knife right into my left thumb (at the cuticle line). OUCH!!! Needless to say a lot of cursing ensued! I grabbed a paper towel and put pressure on my thumb quickly. Then, like a moron who was still in pain, I hopped and danced around my kitchen a bit while cursing in an attempt to distract myself. (Don't judge me, my thumb HURT!!!)

While I was running around the kitchen like a mad woman, I somehow managed to stub my right big toe into the oven! OUCH!!! Double the pain, double the fun...right??? No!

It was at that point I decided to take a cooking break and bandage my finger up. (Thankfully, once I looked at it, I decided that it just HURT a lot worse than it really looked. For a brief moment there though, I really thought I might need stitches, but once I cleaned it up and got a better look, that wasn't the case! It doesn't look bad at all really. It definitely hurts though!)

So, once my finger was all bandaged up, I decided to return back to cooking. It was at that point I realized I had scorched the sweet potato fries. (Once again, I should have gone out today!). While taking them out to toss them and put in another small batch, I somehow managed to burn myself. Yes, burn myself.

At that point, I decided that tonight I should definitely go out for dinner if I value my life!

Once I finished cooking lunch, I sat down to eat (new batch of sweet potato fries on my plate) and took a bite into one of the fries....not cooked all the way through! Ugg! (I HATE soggy fries, so those went right back into the toaster oven!) Once they were finally crispy, I took them out and enjoyed the rest of my hard-earned lunch! I literally worked, slaved, and even bled for that meal hahaha! Once I finished eating lunch, I went to toss the rest of my scraps into the trash...and somehow managed to throw away my spoon as well, which unfortunately was not of the disposable variety. So, I had to conclude everything by digging in the trash can to salvage my spoon. (I only have four teaspoons, so leaving it in the trash was definitely not an option!) Once I got the spoon out of there, I decided to call it a day with my kitchen. I will do the dishes AFTER I get a nap. I have a feeling if I attempted them right now, I would probably harm myself again.

So to recap: today I have: stabbed my thumb, stubbed my toe, burnt my arm, and had to conclude the fun by trash can diving for a lost spoon...

Tonight, I will be eating out! (If it doesn't storm! Looks like we might have a third night in the row of stormy weather.) 

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