Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I have a doctor's appointment in a little while. Let's hope I'm finally over this pneumonia crud once and for all! 

2. I need a better organization system for all of my mail, papers, etc.

3. I like to drink my orange juice with ice cubes and a straw. I think it tastes better that way! Also, I may be the only person left on the planet that prefers the "high pulp" orange juice! (Simply Orange is the best!)

4. I can't wait to start decorating for Fall soon!

5. I've been out of milk for the past few days. For the last two days I've woken up, poured a bowl of cereal and chopped up fresh fruit into it... only to remember that I'm out of milk. (I really should go to the grocery store lol).

6. My dogs are getting SO fluffy right now! (Their winter coats are coming in.) Ranger is especially fluffy since he's from bench (show) lines, although males in general tend to have a more showy coat to attract the females. (Mykelti is a mixture of bench/field lines, so her coat is much shorter). Even little Rosie who is a different breed, is getting more fluff to her coat and her tail.

Look at how fluffy Ranger's butt is; this cracks me up lol! 
(You can see Mykelti in the background for comparison).

7. I'm really enjoying the Boots no.7 line of beauty products that Target is currently selling! (Boots is a UK drugstore that puts out really nice products). I plan to do a review on the items I have from this line soon!

8. For those of you who follow my YouTube channel that are wondering why I haven't made an August review for GlossyBox, BirchBox, or EcoEmi: I never received them! I have gone through about five different departments to try and address this issue and have filed a complaint with the Office of Inspector General. (I suspect my postal carrier has sticky hands!)

9. My cats like bologna. Yesterday I was making a sandwich when I noticed ALL of the dogs and cats starting at me in the hopes of having a little bite. I still find it funny the cats actually like bologna! (No worries only had a minuscule bite).

10. Last night my best friend and I decided to enjoy a Labor Day dinner at The Melting Pot. It was more like a melting pot of disaster! I'm not sure either of us will be going back there anytime soon! There was a bug in Renae's menu when she opened it up, they sat us in a very awkward booth so the pot was blowing smoke into our faces the entire time; the waitress ignored our request to be moved to a more open table (even though there were  plenty open.) We got no silverware or drinks despite sitting at the table for an eternity, and finally the waitress was even so incredibly rude that we had to ask for the manager! (We've never complained in a restaurant before, so you KNOW it was bad if we spoke up!). Thankfully, the manager was awesome and got us a new waitress who was super sweet! They comped our food without us even asking for it, so we thought that was nice.(We left the sweet waitress a good tip, since our dinner wound up being comped by the manager). The food was delicious, but the ambiance and the atmosphere was a bit of a disaster to start off with. Even the ladies room wasn't well kept; there weren't even paper towels to dry your hands on, or a blow dryer. (I expect better from a nicer restaurant!)  I was happy the manager and the new waitress were so kind and resolved everything, but I don't plan to go back there anytime soon. It's honestly just not worth it! There are much better restaurants out there with a less expensive menu.  We thought the whole fondue thing would be fun, but when we got there we found out that we essentially had to order the exact same for everything since there was only one pot at our table that we had to share out of (we wanted to try different items so we could mix/match.) So I also thought that was a bit weird. I noticed them sitting other people at different tables that were able to order the exact things they wanted when we first arrived, so I think part of it was we just had a horrible waitress to begin with. Also, those fondue pots are NOT for short people! I could hardly reach the thing to dip my food into the sauce without being burned, even with the long fork. (I think part of it may have been that were at a table that was in a weird corner booth, but it was still pretty awkward!) I think Renae and I will stick to normal restaurants next time we're out, and we'll and leave the fondue for a girls night in when we cook it ourselves! Oh well, live and learn!

Renae and I still had a good time though, and took a few pictures while we were there. :)

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