Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Today's was my Granny's 88th birthday! I had such a terrific time celebrating with her. She is such a wonderful blessing in my life! (I need to post pictures soon.)

2. Current CD in my car's player: Otis Redding

3. I absolutely LOVE that my gym has little TVs on every single piece of exercise equipment. I think it's terrific that you can plug your ear buds in and you have instant entertainment while you work out! So fun!

4. My cat Lucky, hasn't been feeling so "lucky" lately. Please keep the sweet fella in your prayers. He's around 15 years old now and in CRF, which means I might have to make a pretty tough decision soon if he continues to decline. He is such a sweet, sweet boy; I'm hoping he hangs in there a while longer and improves.

5. Rosie, the puppy is now bigger than Mykelti! She grew up like a little weed.

6. Tomorrow, my mom and I are planning to make the most fabulous diaper cake for my niece's upcoming baby shower! We found so many cute ideas on Pinterest!

7. I really need to get my hair done soon! I'm a firm believer that nothing makes a woman feel much more terrific than a great trip to the salon to lift her spirits a bit! :)

8. I got my flu shot yesterday. If you haven't had yours yet, consider going to get it done, especially if you live with or care for people with compromised immune systems. It protects against three strains of flu.

9. Currently reading: "The Eleventh Plague". It's pretty good so far; I will do a literature review on it once I've finished the book up. So far, it reminds me a bit of the TV series, "Revolution".

10. I am proud that it was announced the candidate I voted for just won another term (according to the electoral college votes thus far anyways). (Keep in mind that I am a Centrist.)  I voted early last week, but prior to that I took quite a bit of time to devote to researching all of the candidates that were playing a role in this election. Not only did I study up on their views, voting records, and such, I also felt it was important to pray for each of them, that God would guide whomever was in a position of leadership in our country. So, my prayer tonight (and for the next four years and onward) is that God blesses and guides our leaders at local, state, and presidential levels. I pray God blesses our nation and everyone works together to make this a prosperous and thriving nation. Whether or not you voted for or agree with the candidates who won in all of the elections, if you are a believer, I do hope that you will take the time to pray for the future of your country and the leaders who are working to  guide our future as a nation. 

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