Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Fire Detector From HELL!!!!

Exhibit A.: The Fire Alarm From Hell

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Warning: Unlike my typical filming, today's vlog involves lots of strong language and cursing! As a matter of fact, my swear jar is now filled to the top! Yup, I'm that fed up. This early in the morning, I am doing good and practicing quite a great deal of self control only choosing to curse instead of using this alarm as target practice! 

The Some Detector from HELL!

Fire Alarm, Fire Detector, Smoke Detector...whatever you like to call it, lets preface this by saying: I am at my wits end! 

My realty company has yet to fix this issue, the alarm is on a vaulted ceiling that my 4'11.5" self is nowhere near the capabilities of reaching, and I have thrown everything (phone books included) in an attempt to silence this defective piece of crap into submission. NOTHING has worked! I've even stood on a step ladder and beat it with a Louisville slugger and a grabber thingy. Not only was I unable to make it quit chirping, or knock if off the wall to silence is apparently ATTACHED to the blasted wall and wired quite intricately into a system throughout the entire house. Just peachy! No matter how much you beat it with a baseball bat, it still keeps on truckin! Nothing I've tried is working to silence it. This fire alarm is like the Energizer just keeps going, and going, and going! Well, I've had enough! As far as I'm concerned, this alarm can just chirp its merry way straight to hell this morning!

My swear jar is overflowing. I have Pleurisy. I haven't slept in a week. My dogs are going crazy from the chirping. And this STUPID alarm will not shut up! Ladies and gentlemen, I'm only moments away from quite literally turning this thing into range practice if this alarm won't quit squawking! 

 This reminds me a bit of the episode of "Friends" when Phoebe has a similar predicament with her smoke detector.
 Maybe, at least one of you will enjoy a laugh at my expense and find a bit of humor in this, since I am all out of ideas on what to do! At this point, I've decided that my next step will involve calling the fire department (non emergency) to see if they will come out fix it if this isn't resolved today. My realty company is absolutely on the "naughty" list this year! This incessant, ear-piercing chirping has gone on for nearly a week. Did I mention that I've had an ear surgery on both ears and that high pitched noises absolutely pain me? Yup! I am NOT in a peachy mood this morning. I have turned in a written notice for repair that the realty company has yet to respond to. I've also called every single day to check on the status of getting a repairman out to fix it....nothing, no response! So I've devised a plan that I will implement later today if this is not resolved asap. I've decided that if this isn't repaired today, I will be calling and emailing the realty company EVERY SINGLE TIME this thing chirps. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Then maybe, just maybe that will light a fire under their tails and make them send someone out to fix it. 

On a more serious note, not only is this annoying, it's also dangerous and a safety hazard to not have a working fire alarm. 

So, that's how my morning's started out so far. I'm thinking a little retail therapy is in order later today to calm my nerves! ;) Hope you are all having a bit of a better morning than the one I'm currently experiencing. Have a great day, my lovelies! 

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