Friday, June 22, 2012

Bark Box Reviews: April, May, June!!!

It's BarkBox Time!!!

BarkBox is one of my favorite monthly subscription services! BarkBox is unlike other subscription services, because it's for your dog! My dogs absolutely love BarkBox, and I love the quality of the products that are included in the boxes each month. I also appreciate that most of the treats/chews in the boxes we received have all been made in the USA and have not been from companies associated with any sort of recall. As a responsible pet owner, safety is my foremost priority when it comes to my dogs! 

If you want to order, use coupon code, "LYGRE005" to receive $5 off of your first purchase!

If you're interested in purchasing a BarkBox for your pup, you can go to They also have a Facebook page:
They have three different sized boxes so that you can choose according to your dogs size/needs. (The first month I signed up for the one for Medium sized dogs, but since I was sharing it among my dogs, the products weren't large enough. After that, I change it to the "Large" size and it has been very easy to share products/treats among my pups!) My ONLY suggestion to BarkBox would be to offer a box for multi-dog households. Right now they don't, so my pups share one. My suggestion would be to order the "Large" size if you have multiple dogs, so that you can share products between them. 

Prices vary according to the plan you choose: 1mo: $25, 3mo: $63, 6mo. $102 (Shipping is included with all of these. (You are not charged more if you have a larger dog; all boxes are charged the same.) If you have a friend or family member that loves their dog and are looking for a great gift idea, BarkBox would be a great, unique gift idea! :)

April Bark Box Review
(This was the last video I have of my sweet Macy girl before she passed away.)

April's Bark Box 
(More in depth review)

May Bark Box Review
(With Ranger & Mykelti!)

June Bark Box Review
(Rosie's first BarkBox review appearance!) 

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