Friday, June 29, 2012

Product Review: Nail Polish - Sally Hansen's Salon Manicure: "Barricuda"

I am a nail polish addict. I go through nail polish like some drug addicts go through crack. (Sadly, I'm not even joking!). Along the way, I've found quite a few brands and shades that I tend to favor. My favorites include: Essie, OPI, Butter, Revlon, and Zoya, and some Wet n' Wild shades.

About a year ago, I tried out one of the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes at the urging of a friend who insisted the shade was "The perfect Tiffany's blue!". So, I bought it and tried it out. Although I liked the color, I was not impressed with the performance. That polish sat unused for quite a while, until I decided to pick it back up again today and give it another try.

Now, I am certain: I HATE IT! 

It is quite possibly one of the worst nail polishes that I have ever used...EVER! (This, coming from the girl who enjoyed painted fingernails in Kindergarden!). It is horrendous! It is a terrible polish to try and work with to achieve a uniform look on each nail. (I know the picture below isn't the best, but after a gazillion attempts to make this polish "work", I just called it a day!The accent nail color is: "Revlon- Blue Mosaic"- I LOVE that polish, but it looks horrid in the picture below because I tried to work with it on top of the "Barracuda"- yeah, not so much!) Check out my nails: you can clearly see bubbles all over the place! (I always roll my polish gently before I use it to prevent bubbles; I never shake it.)

Why I dislike this polish:

-It streaks
-It bubbles
-It smudges
-It does not apply evenly
-It takes numerous coatss to get one opaque coat
-It wears/chips easily
(Do I REALLY need to continue?) 

The ONLY positive: it is a pretty blue shade. 

I'm not sure what happened when they designed this polish, but something went horrifically wrong! Now that being said, I actually like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects line. I have numerous other shades that are absolutely stunning, apply well, and wear well. (As a matter of fact, the last "Nail of the Day" that I posted, I was wearing one of them!). I have NEVER had an issue with any other shade from that specific line, only the "Barracuda" one. I'm not sure if I just got a "dud" or what. Either way, I thought it was worth mentioning in my review today. There are countless other polishes on the market in "Tiffany blue" shades that look gorgeous AND preform well. So, given that, I would recommend skipping "Barracuda" and instead going  with a different brand when it comes to this shade of blue! (My guess is that maybe the very first "Salon Effects" to hit the market weren't the best; I have four other shades from that line that I absolutely LOVE and they preform well. (I purchased those recently, so maybe the newer ones are better in their formulation? I don't know!)

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