Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Please pray for Elicia and her dogs: Horrible Accident!

Please, say a prayer for Elicia Calhoun and her dogs tonight. Elicia was returning home yesterday morning from an Agility competition in Texas, when exhaustion set in and she feel asleep. Her car was in a  wreck with an 18-wheeler that flipped her SUV over several times, and immediately ejected all of her dogs from her vehicle. She had six of her beloved dogs with her at the time; two are dead (her thirteen-week old puppy died on impact, and her beloved Australian Shepherd was found dead after a car hit it. Three other dogs are injured and receiving veterinary care, and her Border Collie, Tobie, is still missing. Elicia checked herself out of  the hospital early with a punctured lung to go out and look for her lost pup. Please pray for her health, the recovering dogs, the ones she lost, and that they find Tobie safe and sound!

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If you or someone you know lives near Wilcox, AZ...please keep an eye out for Tobie!

Please, please pray for them. I know her heart is aching tonight. My dogs train in agility just like hers. They are not just working dogs; they are there for my every up and down. They are there to kiss my tears away. There to make me smile and laugh. They are the most beloved, gentle creatures I've ever been blessed to be around: They are my family! I know Elicia feels the same way about her beloved dogs; those are her babies! Please pray for her as she grieves the loss of two of her dogs, aids in the recovery of her surviving dogs, and searches for Tobie. I can not fathom how devastated she is tonight. I travel with my dogs several times a week; you just never expect something like this to happen. The facebook page I linked above has been staying updated with the latest news. If they do not find Tobie tonight, they will be sending helicopters out in the morning to look for her. Please pray Tobie is found safely!

If you have a pet that you take in your vehicle with you, please make sure you go out of your way to ensure it's safely contained in your vehicle. You are your pets advocate; they can not buckle themselves in and ensure that you are a safe driver. It is your responsibility to look out for them! This also includes mircrochipping them, and making sure they are wearing updated ID tags at all times, should they ever escape. My dogs all have safety harnesses that buckle into the seat belts in my car.(If you're local, you can purchase those at Hollywood Feed). I never start my car before buckling them in! (My car is too tiny for a crate, so my dogs wear safety harnesses. If you have a van/SUV, an aluminum crate or an airplane approved, thick plastic crate wouldbe the most safe option you can put your dog in while traveling; please add an ID card to the top of each crate and tape it so that all of yours and your pets information is there should you ever get into a wreck. Metal crates can fall apart, and even impale a dog with the right force during a crash. If you must use one, please strap it down securely and make sure it is as far back from the rear window as possible. I would even put a crate cover over it to protect from flying glass/debris. I purchased mine at Wal-Mart; they are used in my kennel room for my dogs when I crate them at home, but they would be perfect for transport. They have three sides that are canvas and the front has a roll down clear plastic sheet; that'd be perfect for car transport if you have to use a metal crate. I will be doing an entire post on traveling with your pets/safety soon!)

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