Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday

I can't sleep, so time for a 10 Things post!

1. It's 4:45 in the morning, and I am considering a trip to RedBox with my dogs to get a movie, in my pajamas. Winning! 

2. The other day I was craving watermelon so fiercely that I got one, chopped it up, and then realized: my techniques for picking the "best" watermelon leave something to be desired. One bite and I was ready to toss the entire thing! I apparently picked a bad one :(

3. My aunt is awesome; she rode all  the way with me to the flippin Walmart off of Winchester just so I could get the shelves I needed on Sunday. (The item that none of the other stores carried, would transfer, or allow me to order online (I HATE Wal-Mart, but I needed those exact shelves!)

4. I'm currently reading Justin Halpern's new book, "I Suck At Girl's"...I'm half way finished and thinking this book is even more hysterical than his first one, "Sh*t My Dad Says". Both are hysterical! If you want a good laugh, you should go check those out! 

5. I've been organizing everything in my house lately. EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe from my slightly OCD ways! But, I guess that's a good thing lol!

6. Current favorite candles: Candle's By Victoria's "Snuggle Up" (smells JUST like "The Comforter" bubble bar from LUSH) and Slatkin & Co.'s "Pink Tulip". Both are incredible!

7. Sometimes, I think I'm the only person in the world that drinks "high pulp" orange juice and loves it. I just don't understand how people dislike it; it's incredible! My favorite is the "Simply Orange: high pulp" and I serve it over ice cubes. MMMM!

8. Yesterday while watching the news, I really thought Obama and Putin (Russia) were going to strangle each other; you could cut that tension with a knife! For those of you who don't keep up with current events (You Should!) Russia is sending aid to Syria...Syria oppresses their own people. Russia thinks the Syrian people should decide their own future, and plan to send aid if it's requested, regardless of if the aid they send harms the civilians in Syria. The US does not want to support the oppression of the Syrian people, and has asked Russia not to aid Syria. (That's the VERY condensed story! It's been all over the news, online, and in papers if you guys want to check it out.)

9. I'm trying to decide which RedBox movie I want to rent! Hopefully the new promo codes I found online will work! If they do, I will post them so you guys can get a freebie too!

10. On Wednesday, my incredible cousin is finally moving back home to Memphis, after years of living in California! My whole family is so excited!! (He is my dad's first cousin, and like a second father to me. I talk to him almost daily.) I am so excited that he's moving back home! I'm planning to make a "Welcome Home" poster tomorrow! 

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