Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Water Safety

I was going to post about something more exciting for today's blog, but in my opinion, this is just too important a topic to overlook.

 Water Safety

In my area, there have been two toddler drownings within days of one another, both involving pools. Little Ava Grace Hart on Sunday, and little Laylah Lykens today (Tuesday). Please keep these families in your prayers! Here are links to their stories:

Please people: if you have children, or if you watch children: teach them how to swim! My mom enrolled me in baby swim classes when I was tiny, and I swam all throughout my childhood and high school. Little ones can learn how to swim and flip onto their backs at incredibly young ages! Please enroll your child into swim lessons; it could save their life! On the note of water safety, Adult CPR classes are a great idea to learn what you should do if you ever encounter a situation where someone is drowning and needs your help!

It should go without saying: NEVER LET CHILDREN AROUND WATER UNSUPERVISED! I get it, accidents happen. Little ones sneak off, and they are mischievous; that does not mean that you can not try your best to stay one step ahead of them and take precautions to prevent it! Go out of your way to protect your child and the children you are around. If you have a pool, this means installing a safety gate around it, and go one step further by putting a padlock on it so that your little one doesn't figure out how to unlock it! When you bathe your little one, don't leave them unattended to answer a phone call, check on dinner,etc. 

(Just a little disclaimer, this blog post is not intended to criticize or condemn the precious families who have experienced so much heartbreak this week. They are in my prayers! This post is intended only to inform and hopefully make my readers think about water safety a little more so that maybe, another accident will be prevented.)

~Edit: Since I posted this video, both little angels have passed away. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families~

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