Sunday, October 14, 2012

Confetti EVERYWHERE! Halloween Kitty Strikes!

This morning, I woke up to find that my cat, Lucky had decorated my kitchen for Halloween! Which, in cat terms means he found a plastic bag with Halloween confetti in it that I had sat on the counter from the night before, gnawed a hole in the bag because he has a plastic fetish, and strew confetti all over my counter top and floor. Apparently, my home was not festive enough for this Lucky black Halloween cat! I'm sure he was only trying to help me decorate... I'm also sure that this naughty cat is quickly approaching his ninth life! ;) 

I'm normally good about putting anything with plastic on it away from Lucky's reach, but last night I completely forgot about the bag of confetti I had sitting on the counter when I was filling out Halloween cards to mail out. I know the other cats had no part in this little Halloween party, because Lucky is the only one of my three cats with a plastic fetish. He's definitely the guilty kitty! Cute, but guilty!

Below, is a quick little video of the guilty kitty, and his decorating skills!

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