Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nutella Dutch Hot Chocolate

One of the best things about Autumn in my opinion, is hot chocolate! I thought it'd be fun to share a quick, easy hot chocolate recipe with you all tonight!

-Caramel (small drizzle to top. (I use a fork to drizzle this on top of the whipped cream)
-Nutella (1tbsp)
-Dutch Hot Cocoa Mix (This is just the Kroger brand packet, but you can use what you like. I was using this up before it expired!)
-Whipped Topping 
-Mini Marshmallows
-1 cup of boiling water 
-1 ice cube (this will cool your drink down enough to sip on it without scalding yourself)

-Fold hot cocoa mix into a cup
-Add boiling water and stir well
-Add in Nutella and stir again
-Add Marshmallows
-Top with Whipped cream 
-Drizzle with Caramel
-Add one ice cube to achieve a drinkable temperature without scalding yourself

(All the ingredients I used)
Nutella Dutch Hot Chocolate!

Lydia's Tip: You can really add just about anything you want to this: butterscotch, chocolate chips, syrups, fresh fruit to top it. I just kept it simple tonight. Also, this would taste amazing with milk or cream added to it! Given my stomachs hatred of dairy though, I stuck with water and just put a little cream on top to make it a little richer.

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