Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Dentists, Oh My!

And this folks, is why I HATE going to the dentist! Personally, I consider a trip to the dentist's office to be just as terrifying as a visit from a clown. I am terrified of both! (Bad childhood experiences.) When I saw this picture on Pinterest recently, I found it to be simultaneously hilarious and relatable. 

I went to the dentist last week as an emergency when a crown that I had placed after a root canal back in 08' broke half way off in the front and was completely black underneath. (Apparently, they're supposed to last for years and years, so the dentist who did mine initially was not a good one.) So, I wound up going to the discount program that the place I receive some medical care from offers. They took tons of x-rays, and then sent me on my merry way saying that they couldn't fix it until FEBRUARY! Unacceptable! (Why even get me in that day and do x-rays if they weren't going to fix it?) Anyways, if you have insurance, consider yourself blessed! 

So, after that horrifying day, I was still running around with half of a crown on trying to figure out what to do. Leaving it in that state was definitely NOT an option due to the risk of infection for me (Hello heart concerns!). So, I called my best friend, whose mom is conveniently a retired hygienist, and they helped me find a very sweet, reputable dentist who was awesome and got me in asap. I wound up having to pay everything out of pocket (Once again, if you have insurance, don't take that for granted!) She fitted me for a new crown and sent me off with a temporary one while they wait for the permanent one to come in. I go back on Thursday for the permanent one. I'm absolutely dreading it though because my last trip there resulted in me receiving the highest does of nitrous gas possible, along with six Novocaine injections...SIX! Can we say, OUCH?! She said that people who are fearful of the dentist sometimes metabolize anesthetics faster and that's why my shots kept wearing off? Hummm... All I know is that my mouth is STILL sore from the first round of injections, so I'm not looking forward to going back on Thursday if I meet the same fate again, (which is more than likely.) On the positive side, at least the new dentist is very sweet; that definitely helps my anxiety a lot. I never panic over any other doctor, but the dentist office always freaks me out to the point of nearly having a panic attack.

So folks, if you can spare a little prayer for me on Thursday (not even joking!), that would be much appreciated, my lovelies! 

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