Monday, January 2, 2012

December Catch-up

My beloved bloggers, it seems I've fallen a bit behind! So, let's play a little game we'll call "December Catch-up" complete with lots of pictures! Enjoy, my lovelies!

We started off December with a little bit of snow!

My girlfriends and I got into the Christmas spirit with a little shopping and decorating
(Abby, Me, Susanna)

My niece celebrated her 17th birthday!
(Taylor about to blow out the candles on her birthday cupcakes!)
The puppies got into the Christmas spirit too!

(Ranger, Myketli, Macy)
(well, at least one of them smiled lol)

(My sweet pups on Christmas day waiting for permission to have their presents!)

On Christmas, Mykelti especially loved one of her presents to death...quite literally lol!

A few of my Christmas Decorations:

We had a fun-filled cookie bake at my Aunt's house!
(all the kiddos decorating)
(my great niece, Alex did a good job on her cookies!)

On the 23rd of December:
Ranger and I took goodies from our therapy group to pass out at one of our favorite facilities; he was all smiles that day!

On Christmas Day, everyone came over to my house to celebrate!

Christmas night, I made these nifty little ornaments! 
 (left to right: Ranger, Mykelti, Macy)

On the 27th of December, Ranger turned 23 months and Mykelti 
turned 11 months

(they have the same birthday exactly 1yr month I'll have to do something special for them...doggy cake?!)

On New Years Eve, Ranger had a "play date" and agility practice with his "girlfriend", Liebchen! 

(more pictures to come!)

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