Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Mykelti (1) & Ranger (2)!

 I'll preface this post by saying that I probably love my pets more than some people love their own children! 

On Friday January 27th, I celebrated the birthdays of two of my most cherished friends: my beloved Australian Shepherds, Ranger & Mykelti! My dogs are there for me through every single up and down,  and always know how to make me smile no matter what kind of day I'm having. Not only do they unselfishly give me all of their devotion and love, I have also been blessed to use Ranger as a Registered Therapy Dog throughout our community to make others smile as well! (And little Mykelti is in training to become a Registered Therapy Dog soon as well!) As if that wasn't enough; they keep me busy every week and give me something to look forward to with their training (obedience, agility, rally, therapy work). My dogs are my best friends and I absolutely consider them to be like my children. Although I do want children, at this point in my life I just don't know if it will happen... So right now, I'm content instead to spoil my dogs rotten and give them the best life possible, and in return, they are such wonderful blessings in my life! 

On the note of dogs, I have three: Macy, Ranger, and Mykelti. I'm not sure when Macy's birthday is (she is my rescued Pit Bull x) so I celebrate the day I adopted her (August 28, 2010). Ranger and Mykelti are from the same wonderful breeder though, so I do know their birthday! (January 27 2010 and 2011)  They were actually born on the exact same day, one year apart! No, the breeder didn't plan that; it was just a funny coincidence. (Ranger is the oldest by one year, and Mykelti is the youngest.) They are also related: Mykelti's mother is the mom to Ranger's father...almost as confusing as my family!

One of my friends recently told me about a cute pet bakery near me that sells items for animals : Dog cakes, cookies, toys,etc. It sounded too cute to pass up, so I decided to order a birthday cake for Ranger and Mykelti's special day! Now I realize to some, that might classify me as "The Crazy Dog Lady". Since I prefer my dogs to most people however, I seriously couldn't care less! (and if you've read this far, my guess is that you like animals as well!) After all, they aren't just dogs, they are my best buddies! It's not every day two of your best friends share the same birthday, so I thought this merited a paw-sitively fun celebration! 

WARNING: Cuteness Overload Ahead!

Ranger as a tinsy tiny puppy! 

Baby Mykelti on the way home with us from Missouri!

Isn't their cake adorable? Three Dog Bakery is the best! 
(left to right) Mykelti on her 1st birthday and Ranger on his 2nd birthday!

Sweet Mykelti on her first birthday!
Macy celebrated Ranger & Mykelti's birthday with cake and a toy too since I don't know her actual birthday! 
My handsome Ranger on his second birthday!

Mykelti and Ranger with their birthday cake and party hats!

3 candles: two candles for Ranger's 2nd birthday and one for Myketli's 1st birthday!

Their cake was peanut butter flavored (with the consistency of a  bran muffin) and doggy-safe; it looks better than some of the birthday cake I've had in the past to be honest lol!

My cute little party animals: Ranger, Macy, and Mykelti!

Mykelti and Ranger waiting patiently to have some cake!

 AKC Brake's Femme Fatale and CGC, RTD AKC Brake's Lone Ranger

Macy LOVED the cake!

Mykelti got the peanut butter icing stuck to her tongue lol
Let them eat cake!

My three loves

I think he approved of the cake! (He lasted about an hour before he took off his hat; I lasted about 10 more minutes before I vacuumed the crumbs they left behind like an OCD mad woman lol!) 

They each got one toy! 

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