Friday, January 13, 2012

These boots were made for walkin'

Boots...come on girls, we all love them! It dawned on me recently though that I was LONG (as in several years) overdue for some new ones (my friends had noticed too). The only pair I had was a size- too- big hand-me-down that my mom gave me several years ago. While I was grateful to have a pair at all, the blisters it gave me (they were too big) were no fun! 

Thus, I went on a quest for the perfect pair! A bit of background: it's been years since I swam/danced, but nonetheless I still have muscular calves, so I needed a pair that would be friendly in that department and flattering in all other aspects. I didn't want much of a heel to them since I wanted them to be appropriate for everyday wear (including a lot of walking). The biggest dilemma I faced however was finding a pair in my size! I have small feet, so sometimes it becomes a pain in the neck trying to find a pair that is small enough to fit my feet well, yet wide enough to accommodate my calves. After trying on pairs at three different stores, I found a pair that I just couldn't live without at Dillard's. They looked amazing! They were stylish, and they were awesome...BUT there was a problem: they were two sizes too big on my feet, and that was the smallest size they had in stock! Sadness! They were also $149.99 which I thought was a bit pricey. Since I didn't have any luck with other stores though, I decided to order them online. Well low and behold, they ran out of my size and the color I wanted, so they cancelled my order! I was upset, but still determined to find a good pair. So, off to other stores I went in the quest to find the perfect pair! I forgot how many stores I went to, but out of all of those trips, I only wound up with two pairs on clearance. (I think I tried TJ Maxx, Target, Payless, DSW, and several department stores). Of the two pairs I got in stores, I found an adorable brown leather pair that was perfect for everyday, and a zip up black fabric-y pair to wear with dresses/etc; since both were on sale, they were insanely cheap. Yay! Gotta love the after Christmas sales! 

I was still left with a dilemma though; I needed the perfect pair of comfortable black boots since the majority of what I wear clothing wise has black in it. So, my mind kept going back to the pair I loved at Dillard's. On a whim, I decided to check their website again a few weeks later....guess what was on sale for $79.00 and in stock in the color/size I wanted...that's right! I wound up getting the pair I had originally fallen in love with and I couldn't be happier with them; they fit like a glove! I was also pleased with how quickly they arrived (It literally took two days from the time I placed my order, and I only signed up for regular delivery.) Needless to say, I was a happy camper. Oh, and a little tip ladies....if you shop online, there is never an excuse to pay full price: ALWAYS use promo/coupon codes before you place your final order! I wound up getting the pair that I loved for around $59 because of some amazing sales and promo codes (That's nearly 1/3 of the original price!). So lesson learned, be patient when you're shopping for the perfect pair of boots! 

Now I feel like a Country Cinderella with new boots! 

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