Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 Bain Girls found alive; great news!!! (Update on the Adam Mayes kidnapping/murder case)

For those of you who have been following the case about Adam Mayes and the Bain girls, there is an update tonight: The girls were found safe and sound! Thank goodness!! I first heard about the case when I received an Amber Alert on my phone early in the morning the day the case first was announced. (I have a weather app on my phone that sends out alerts for severe weather, amber alerts,etc). I vividly remember waking up to see that alert on my phone and then hearing more about it on the news at the story progressed. (They went missing on 4-27-12). The reports are saying that Adam Mayes allegedly took his life tonight when he was confronted by some wildlife officers in the woods. (He was pronounced dead a while ago in New Albany, Mississippi) The remaining two young girls were found safe and sound. Thank goodness they're physically ok! The girls (8yrs and 12yrs) have were transported from MS to a fantastic children's hospital near me in Memphis to be checked out. I'm so happy to hear that the girls were found safely! Everyone I know has been praying for good news; there have been prayer vigils all over my city. I'm so happy those girls are ok! I also hope that they will eventually be ok mentally as well (I can't even begin fathom what those little ones have been put through with this case and the murder of their mom and sister). My prayers will definitely be with them as they try to put their lives back together and heal. News of this case has been plastered all over Memphis and the surrounding areas since it started. I've also seen it the story on the national news quite a bit, so I thought I would share the update I heard with all of you tonight. (From what I understand, Mayes' wife Teresa and Adam Mayes' mother, Mary have been charged in the case too, and have been in jail since Sunday.)

Here are a few links to the story for those of you who are curious:]]]]] (FBI 10 Most Wanted List posting an update and listing Mayes as deceased)

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