Saturday, May 12, 2012

Short People Problems...

I recently decided that I needed some new pants. Well to be honest, I need new clothes in general; I don't really buy clothing all that often. Most of mine are now getting to the point of being worn out. Thus, begins my ever frustrating quest to find some pants that actually fit me well and don't look like a hand-me-down from the "Jolly Green Giant". 

A little background: I'm short. I'm really short...under 5' short. (I'm 4'11.5" to be exact. Yeah...I never quite made that last .5" leap to 5'!) I'm accustom to always being "the short one", and even dealing with the occasional dumbass person who attempts to make my head an "armrest" (Side note: NEVER DO THAT, PEOPLE! I may be short, but I have a mean right hook!). Needless to say, finding properly fitting clothing items in the right length can be a frustrating task! Most Capri's fit me like pants, and I've had Mini dresses look like Maxi dresses on me lol!

In my experience, it's a rarity to find a great pair of pants in stores with the right length. (On the exceedingly rare occasion that it happens, I feel like someone who's just hit the lottery!) It's almost impossible to find pants in stores that come in petite/"short" lengths; most places just don't carry them or keep them stocked. On the rare occasion I find a pair marked as "petite/short", it's often not in the size, color, or cut that I want. So it goes without saying that shopping can be frustrating. To add insult to injury, more often than not, even the pants marked as "short/petite" are still too long on me! At some point, you just have to laugh at yourself and find a good seamstress! ;)
(One of these days, I'll learn how to use a sewing machine!)

To remedy the frustrating issues that go along with pants shopping in stores, I often look online instead. This usually results at my animals staring at me in confusion while I make an awkward, almost comedic attempt at measuring myself. After all of the clumsy measuring, I then hop online to scour reviews and sales, for the perfect pair of pants at a good price. Oh the things we ladies go through to look presentable! So yeah, if you see a short person out in public with a perfect hem/fit to their pants, know that person went through a lot of trouble to make sure those suckers fit well! (I'm sure my taller friends can relate to my shopping frustrations in the opposite way! ) 
So, now you all know why I prefer dresses and leggings: they make life much more simple! 

~Wish me luck this week folks, I may actually make an attempt at pants shopping!~

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