Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dolls Creep Me Out!

I thought I would share a random tidbit with you all today, and hopefully give you guys a good laugh. Who knows, you might be able to relate to this as well! Some of you might find this a bit hilarious; some of you might not. I however, find the topic quite TERRIFYING! What am I talking about?


Creepy, terrifying, nausea- inducing Dolls! They scare the living daylights out of me! I mean come on people, they're just not normal! Dolls: with their creepy eyes just blankly staring at you like they want to consume your soul! Ahhh freaks me out every time! There is just something so creepy and shudder-inducing about them...

This morning, I thought I was going to have a small heart attack thanks to the creepy little things! While leisurely browsing Pinterest, I choked on my coffee when I saw that one of the ladies I follow had pinned about a half a million creepy doll pictures! No joke, there were pictures of dolls everywhere. It was awful! I literally choked on my coffee as I immediately scrambled to "x" out of that page and compose myself. I just don't understand how people derive enjoyment from dolls? (Even as a little child, I hated them!) Needless to say, I kept my friend on Pinterest, but I definitely  had to "unfollow"  her doll-themed board. Ahhhh so creepy!

I'm not sure exactly how old I was when my terror of dolls, ventriloquist dummies, clowns, and things of that nature began, but I know it was during early childhood! I'm pretty sure it started when my step-sister made me watch creepy movies like "Chuckie", "Leprechaun", "It", and "Tales from the Crypt". (That certainly explains why I am absolutely terrified of dolls, dummies, leprechauns, and clowns!). To make matters worse, every time I visited my Granny's house as a child, I would be royally freaked out because she had porcelain dolls everywhere! Everywhere! Bless her heart, she even showcased them in a glass case (which is still at her house to this day, and still freaks me out every time I visit). She also had clown paintings all over her living room walls, and insisted on giving me little stuffed clowns for every birthday and Chaunakkah! (A little background on that: my Aunt Joanne adored clowns. She very sadly passed of Leukemia from a young age, so since I look like my aunt, my Granny just assumed I would love clowns too. I don't think poor Granny ever saw the movie, "IT"!) 

I remember one sleep over as a little girl: one of my friends had porcelain dolls, rag dolls, and things like that all over her room. I was "ok" with it for a few hours while we hung out and played, but when bedtime came and the lights went out, it was a different story! When the lights went out at bedtime and the Dolls' shiny, creepy eyes glared at me from the glow of the nightlight, I freaked out so badly that they called my mom to pick me up. We're talking an absolute terrifying "panic because the dolls are going to hurt me" meltdown! (Quite hilarious in hindsight! Although, I'm sure my mom didn't appreciate the late night road trip to retrieve her terrified child!). 

Today, I have a few adult friends that collect dolls much in the same way that I enjoy collecting vases for my home. Every time they want to show me a new doll or item they've added to their collection, I can't lie: I cringe a bit on the inside. Although dolls creep me out, I just try to smile and nod to show my support because I know how much they love their collection (just like I love the items I collect!). It still creeps me out though; I just do my best not to let it show...and to avoid locking creepy glances with those doll-eyes! :/

Here's hoping that my future children will be content with Teddy Bears and animal-themed stuffed animals to snuggle, instead of dolls! 


  1. lol!!! hehehe... yeah, dolls are creepy-- clows though, they take the cake!! HATE CLOWNS!!!!!

  2. Amen girl!!! Clowns are the worst!