Thursday, May 31, 2012


(Sorry for the language, but I still think it's quite hilarious and accurate!)

I spent more time than I care to admit yesterday spraying the daylights out of a wasp nest that popped up near my garage. Essentially, I would spray the can and then run like until the wasps died, and then repeat about 20 times! I plan to repeat this process again one more day this week before I try to knock down the little nest the punks built.

Want to know why I have these stupid bugs?

Oh lets see, because my "neighbors from hell" refuse to have pest control come out and exterminate their house/porch area! IDIOTS! Their front porch is literally covered in wasps nests...huge nests! (No joke! The first week I moved into my house, I went to go ring their doorbell to ask them to move their car that was blocking my driveway (oh yeah, something they do constantly!) and ran like crazy when I realized their front porch was a scene out of a wasp-themed horror movie! Not only do they not care to call an exterminator, they are so pathetic that they don't use the front door at all! Instead, they walk around MY side of the yard in between our homes to go check their mail. Ummm hello, wouldn't it just be easier and safer to call an exterminator? Last summer, one of my lawn care people got stung, my dad got stung, and I got stung more times than I care to count! (I'm slightly allergic too so needless to say I keep a stockpile of Benadryl!) I will never understand stupid people like that: why on earth wouldn't you have the wasp nests sprayed so you can use your front porch? Seriously! Oh, and they have kids too...real safe to let them frolic in their yard around a swarm of wasps. Really safe....parent of the year safe.... 

Anyways, enough of my ranting tonight! On a bright note, I think the "neighbors from hell" shall be moving soon....YAY! (I saw a "for sale by owner" sign. Let's hope they get out and someone awesome (preferably a pest control person) moves in!  

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