Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Puppy Play Date!

Over the weekend, the Aussies enjoyed a fun trip to our friend Margee's farm for a playdate with her German Shepherd and their horses. They had so much fun! I thought I'd share a few pictures of their "Play Date" with all of you: 

Sweet Mykelti
 This was Mykelti's first time ever seeing a horse. She was so fascinated! 
 Blaze and Cheyenne wanted to visit with the Aussies
 Waiting politely for a cookie 
 This is Blaze, the Quarter Horse. I really love him! (Every time I visit, he gives me kisses!)
 Blaze wanted in the picture too!
 Liebchen and Cheyenne the the Quarter Horse
 I have to say that I am shocked the Pause Box didn't break when all three of them decided to hop up there together lol! 
 Mykelti posing by the hydrangeas 
 Brake's Lone Ranger :)
 Ranger Smiling!
Sweet, happy Aussies! 
 Ranger loves Blaze! I have a similar picture to this one from a few months back when he visited then. Australian Shepherds really love horses!
 Ranger and Mykelti with their sweet friend, Liebchen!
My friend's dog, Liebchen. Isn't she a pretty girl! 
Herding Dogs and Horses
Liebchen teaching Mykelti about horses... (Look at that herding stance!)

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