Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Ranger and Mykelti made a new friend with an elderly lady on our walk at the park today! As a therapy dog, Ranger really loves visiting with older people; Mykelti does too! So, when we passed a park bench and an elderly lady that was sitting on it today, I could tell that they wanted to visit with her. The lady made a comment about how cute they were and asked if I could bring them over to her so that she could pet them. So, I brought them over for a little visit and socialization. (As a handler, I LOVE opportunities like that for therapy practice! It's also really helpful when Mykelti is out with Range rand sees how well behaved Ranger is as a therapy dog; it sets the example for her to exhibit calm, friendly behaviors as well. They really do learn from  one another!) After visiting with the lady for a while, it was time for us to leave and go home. The little lady asked if she could give them a kiss goodbye (I think my pups had already given her quite a few kisses at that point!). Since my pups were at ease and thoroughly enjoying their time with her, I said ok. (They were clearly comfortable around her, exhibiting  relaxed body language, and enjoying her company!). When I said yes however, I forgot to take into account how much lipstick the little lady had on! (We're talking "Mimi" from the old "Drew Carey Show" lipstick!). My pups wound up covered in a nice layer of lipstick. (Look at the lipstick marks she left behind on Ranger and Mykelti in the pictures below It cracks me up lol!) This was not the first time that Ranger had come home with lipstick on him either. (The adult daycare we used to visit when working with our old therapy group, had quite a few older ladies that enjoyed giving him kisses as well!). Mykelti got kisses today too; although, after the lady laid a big one on Ranger's forehead, her lipstick was a bit smeared when she went in to give little Mykelti a kiss lol. My pups were just happy to have attention and gave her more kisses goodbye. :) 

Happy Aussies!
He's such a ladies man! 

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