Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bless Your Heart!

I think I scared the beejezus out of one of my Northern friends this week, when I was in a particularly rotten mood. (A rotten mood that was the result of said Northerner's unintentional provocation). For those of you born and raised in the South, I'll give you a good guess at what happened next. I said it. Yes, I said "IT". I said the term we Southern ladies all know, embrace, and use when the situation merits: 


Seriously, the look on my friends face was priceless upon the realization that my comment was NOT a positive thing. I'd describe the look as being one of utter shock and confusion. Haha. Oh, sometimes I just adore living in the South and getting a good laugh at things like that. I don't break out that phrase too often in a negative connotation. However, you better believe that if I do, I'm mad as hell! 

So, a helpful hint for all of you non-Southerners out there: when a Southern lady says, "Bless Your Heart" and gives you the icy look of fury: RUN! She is not wishing showers of joyous blessing upon you and your household. No, she is essentially letting you know that you are a total idiot, and you should go "F" yourself for whatever actions you angered her with... 

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