Sunday, March 4, 2012

Djembe Time!

Today's plan: Do more of what makes you happy! (And let go of the people and things that drag you down!)

What makes you happy? For me, the answer is music. Music always has a way of touching my soul no matter what kind of day I'm having. One of my absolutely favorite things as far as music goes would be my Djembe! Playing a Djembe is a soothing, fun way to express yourself musically. It's also a lot of fun practicing and perfecting my technique!

(For those of you who do not know what a Djembe is, it is a type of African hand drum (true Djembe's are made completely out of wood, so technically, mine is just an "African hand drum"...but...let's not be nit-picky!) 

My Djembe is a wrench-tuned because I find it easier to deal with that rather than a string tuned for now. (Those string tuned suckers sound amazing, but take quite a bit of skill when it comes to perfecting the art of tuning them! One of these days, I will take home a string tuned Djembe and master that art form. For now though, I'm having a blast with the one I own!) I have a REMO Djembe (Earth) in a 16". I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! For years, I was insistent that the only brands I wanted out of a Djembe/hand drum were LP (Latin Percussion) or a Toca; both are typically higher quality and produce incredible music. When I tried out this REMO below however, I was converted and strongly changed my mind! I don't care that it's wrench tuned or that it is a REMO, the music it produces is incredible! If you're a musician, you should really visit your local music store or Guitar Center and give this model a try! Trust me on this one, my lovelies! 

(This is a picture similar to the model I own; the model I own is a 16" though, so it's a bit bigger than the one below!)

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