Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy first year, Mykelti

This past weekend marked the 1 yr anniversary of bringing home my sweet, sweet Mykelti girl! I still find it hard to believe I've had this little fluff ball has been in my life for an entire year now! She couldn't be a sweeter dog! She has already passed her Canine Good Citizen test, and is on her way to becoming a Registered Therapy Dog like her big brother. I am so blessed to have her! :)

I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures of Mykelti over the past year with all of you! Enjoy the cuteness overload! (These aren't in any particular order; I haven't had enough coffee yet for that today!)

Her first bath in the tub like a big girl...of course Ranger watched over her the entire time!
 Cute as ever, sans a few chompers!
 Posing in her little dress

 Sweet dogs!
Mykelti after her first ever therapy event. At only 4 months she was an incredibly well behaved therapy dog in training! Her first event was the Arthritis Walk last June. She was so good!
 Posing with her big brother and sister
 She still sits on my shoulder like this...did I mention she weighs 40lbs now? (Sorry, the picture is a bit blurry!)
 One of the first pictures I ever took of her. On the car ride home to Memphis from Missouri
 Her first chew toy!
 Sleepy baby Aussie!
 Mykelti loved her big brother from the start!
 Learning a sit-stay during her first week at home
 Sleeping on the good spoiled!
 Mykelti thought the stuffed puppy was her mommy
 She is still just as obsessed with tennis balls...
 Always smiling!
 6 months old
 She has one split blue/hazel green eye and one hazel brown eye
 Frisbee puppy!
Mykelti and her big brother, Ranger have the exact same birthday one year apart...January 27th.

 They all love car rides!
 My sweet little Canine Good Citizen on the day she passed her test. This pup passed on the first try!
 Mykelti's first Christmas (they were good sports about letting me dress them up!)

The first picture that the breeder ever sent me of Mykelti. (Her litter mates were cutie pies too!) She was my favorite based on the picture alone, but because I was looking for a working dog, I tried not to let that sway me at all. When I went to Missouri, I temperament tested two litters of puppies. The very last dog that I checked was Mykelti. She wound up being the perfect puppy for the job and the one that I had fell in love with from the start!<3

 Mykelti loves Macy and Ranger

 Mykelti on her first birthday!

 Mykelti loves naps! (when she finally gets the zoomies out of her system enough to take one!)

Ranger teaching Mykelti about the art of lounging ...
 8 weeks old...such a goofball!
Learning how to do a down-stay at 8 weeks old
 They remind me of an old married couple when they hold paws :)
 Despite the cone and being spayed, she still had a sweet smile on her face! 
 Klepto puppy...neither the blanket nor the treat were hers!
Mykelti and I at the Millington Pet Fair. It was her second event as a Therapy dog-in-training. She was such a good girl!
 Mykelti and I at the Ascent Children's Medical Fall de Grais Festival in Arkansas last Fall. She adores children and was such a lovebug that day!

 Sweet little therapy pup in training entertained the children of West Memphis, Arkansas for Ascent Children Health Care Services. I took this after we got home that night.
 She's a Cosmopolitan kind of pup! (What we do during tornado warnings!)
 6 months old
 At 4 months old she figured out how to turn the bathtub on and how that if she dug at the train enough, she could collapse it and have a bubble bath. At 4 months old this puppy flooded my bathroom! She's too smart for her own good sometimes... (Did I mention that she loves water???)
 Playing Djembe with me!
 Ranger has adored his baby sister from the get go!
 Sleepy baby
 As a puppy, Mykelti figured out how to camouflage herself with Ranger's rear-end!
 She loves flowers
 Mykelti on the car ride home from Missouri to Memphis
 After agility, this is how she looks!

 Pillow Pet Thievery! 

 Last weekend, Mykelti and her friend Liebchen went as therapy dogs-in-training to the Dog Fair with our new Therapy Group. They enjoyed the car ride over there:)
 Mykelti was a bumblebee for Halloween

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