Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

1. How horrid would it be if you were using a port-a-potty at the park when a tornado warning sounded. That wouldbe pretty awful! (I took my dogs to the park earlier and saw a lady run into one of the port-a-potties; which is what sparked that strange thought into my mind).

2. I love wearing ankle-rise socks with my tennis shoes; I hate the ones that are a bit too snug though and leave a ring around my ankle

3. Ties and suites on a guy: pretty much the most sexy thing ever! Yummy!

4. Victoria's Secret: Secret Craving body spray: DELISH! Go Get You Some!!!

5. I am absolutely dying to try out the O.P.I.'s new Spring collection, "Holland": I seriously want to try just about every color!!!

6. I love it when I take my dogs to the park and get compliments from others on how well-behaved they are. It really makes my day! I put in so much time and effort training them, I love it when they behave and others take notice too! On Tuesday, I took Macy for a walk at our local park; I got at least 4 compliments on her while we were there, and one lady (who I'm assuming has dogs also) commented on how perfect of a "loose leash walk" she had. Yay! Once again, Miss Macy was such a great advocate for Pit Bull x's everywhere!

7. Last week I went and put my car through inspection. Today, I went to buy my car tags...turns out that even though my address technically has MEMPHIS on it, I'm considered Shelby County and I didn't have to put my car through inspection! FML!  (But on a positive note, I only had to pay around $75 for my new "Shelby County" car tags vs. $108 for "Memphis city tags" since I'm now considered "County" it all worked out and I got to save myself a little extra money.)

8. Ranger is a pretty vocal dog when we're at home; not barky at all, just makes little vocalizations. I thought it would be fun to teach him how to say, "I love you" (wouldn't that be cute if he told the people we visit with on therapy days, "I love you"!). He's now got it half way down now! If I can get him to put the entire sentence together, I promise I'll post a cute puppy video! :)

9. I've really been getting a few good laughs out of this website lately:

10. Sophia Loren: I adore watching old movies because of her! She has such a classic, gorgeous sense of style!

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