Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Public Service Announcement: Watch your bank accounts!

To the thieves in Mumbai, India who stole my debit card information, pin number, and money from my bank account: Kindly Go Fuck Yourselves! Stupid Thieves!!!

(Pardon my language today: I am beyond livid!)

A warning to all of my followers: If you have anything show up on your bank accounts/statements from "Home Goods 18" or "Ebay India, Pennsylvania" -they are thieves from Mumbai, India. They recently stole my debit card information (pin number too), and have stolen quite a bit of money from my account. Straight out of my checking account because the card information they stole was a debit card. That is the ONLY card that I own; I don't even own a credit card. I either use cash or my debit card, so needless to say I've been vandalized, inconviened, and I am I am beyond angry! I hope Karma bites these thieving jerks in the rear! I also hope they get caught and serve a jail sentence for their crimes!

I recieved a phone call last weekend from my bank's 24hr monitoring system (Also coincidentally located in India). They informed me that there was strange activity on my account, and someone in India had tried to use my debit card information several times. They immediately cancelled my card and reported it as stolen. They took about an hour reviewing everything and trying to help me. At the time, they said that two of the attempted charges might go through, and to watch my account. They also said that either way, I would not be held liable and would be reimbursed if anything was stolen. I went to the bank the following day to make sure they knew about what was going on (they did) and to see if any more charges had gone through on my account: at the time, they hadn't. Well, yesterday I discovered that several of the attempted charges went through despite my card being reported stolen. So, I called and notify the monitoring system, and they made a note of it. I have to go to my bank on Monday when they open to file a complaint and try to get a refund. It's been a miserable week trying to deal with all of this. Please say a little prayer that things go smoothly for me on Monday and that I get everything straightened out! This has turned out to be one big headache of a week!

Although I have no way of figuring out where the thieves stole my information from, or making sure they are thrown in jail for their crimes, I can hopefully write this post to maybe prevent it from happening to one of you. My guess is that my information was stolen through a resturant that had their computer system hacked. That is also what my banking establishemnt thinks as well. (I do not think it happened online, because I am VERY particular about where I will shop. I try to make sure the websites are BBB accredited and I typically pay using PayPal. Also, I rarely use ATM's; If I need cash, I go to my bank. So, I don't think this is ATM related.)  I would recommend that if you're going to use a resturant: pay cash! If you have to use your card, process your debit card as a credit so that potential thieves can not steal your pin number too. 

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