Sunday, July 22, 2012


What are you thankful for today? 

Today, I'm thankful for my life. 

I am thankful that God gives us strength to survive difficult things, and to make tough choices. I made the most difficult decision of my life several years ago, when I left a violently abusive marriage that would have undoubtedly ended my life. I'm thankful I made that decision, and survived.

I'm thankful for the lesson that the recent events of "The Dark Night Massacre" have taught and reinforced in me: Life Is Precious. It has really put things into perspective for me, and made me so grateful that I've been blessed with yet another day to live and laugh. We just never know when our time is up. Life is meant to be lived and cherished.

I'm thankful for lunch & Target shopping with my best friend today

I'm thankful for dinner & DVD time with my precious family tonight

I'm thankful for the bravery and the courage that the survivors of the Aurora, CO massacre have displayed for all of us to learn from. My heart and prayers are with each and every one of them.

I'm thankful for the legacy and the stories the families and friends have shared with the nation about those precious souls who passed in Aurora. It's such a sad, devastating thing that happened to steal their precious lives so short. I'm thankful that their legacies and stories will live on, and hopefully result making a positive outcome out of so much heartbreak. 

I'm thankful for a President who is not ashamed to quote scripture. I'm also thankful for a President that spoke out to his country tonight to try and offer comfort during a time of such sorrow and grief.

I'm thankful for all of the little things I so often forget to be thankful for in my day to day life. (roof over my head, a bed, ice cold water to drink, kisses from my puppies, hot showers, hugs from loved ones...)

I'm thankful for my Bible, and the education my mom worked hard to ensure I had growing up so that I could not only learn how to read the words in it, but to try and live it as well, to the best of my flawed abilities. 

God has richly blessed me. 

I encourage you all to take a moment today to think about what you're thankful for in your life...

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