Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Woke up and got a nice walk in with the dogs today at the park
2. Spent part of the afternoon with my dad
3. Watched Teen Mom tonight (I'm seriously going to have a meltdown with their season ends for good!)
4. Recieved our very first order from "Mr Chewy's" in the mail today- it's SOO much less expensive to order     dog food/treats online through this company than it is to visit my local feed store (video review to follow!)
5. Discovered Starbuck's "Very Berry Hibiscus" drink recently: HOLY AMAZINGNESS!!!!
6. Currently burning Slatkin & Co's "Market Peach" candle....sooooo yummy!
7. My favorite shower gel at the moment is Bath & Body Work's "Pink Chiffon"
8. I'm slightly obsessed with the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains! I should really do a review on them soon!
9. I tried to make an appointment to get my hair done this week (before my birthday on Sunday). Umm yeah, couldn't get anything until next Tuesday (a week out)...sucks! 
10. Tonight I tried to make Quiona....apparently, it jumps when it boils. Nobody explained this to me. (It's ok, I still salvaged it and made it quite delicious! (I'll post a recipe soon).

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