Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. This day started off quite gloriously: I took the dogs out for a walk, and saw my middle-aged neighbor. (This is the guy that I've previously blogged about; he likes to dance around his house in his undies to Prince music, and doesn't believe in curtains...he's hilarious.). I jest not, he was walking back towards his house with a McDonald's bag in one hand and a case of beer in the other. I'm guessing he had a long night? hahaha..that guy sure knows how to have a good time!

2. I've been craving Subway all morning! You guys have no idea how badly I want to go to Subway; they're down the street, they'll be opened by the time I post this blog entry, and I have a coupon! How weird would it be of me to go to Subway at 7am and order a sandwich?Pretty weird, huh! Onions, cucumbers, turkey, spicy mustard....sounds so heavenly though! (I'll try and hold off until lunch time!)

3. I am VERY displeased with the way Yankee Candle's "Kitchen Spice" candle burned. The thing is regularly priced at $27.99...that's nearly $30 bucks for a jar of wax! (Granted I got mine with a 50% off coupon, but still! It's the principal! I will say, I've NEVER had that particular issue with any of the Candles by Victoria, Slatkin & Co, or even Mainstay candles from Wal-Mart.) The Yankee candle pooled horribly, had a terrible scent throw, and it didn't burn evenly. Now, I have a wick that's completely unusable, yet a ton of candle/wax left! (Going to freeze it, cut the remaining wax out, and put it on a warmer. Still though, for that price, the candle should vacuum, do laundry, and fetch me a sandwich...preferably from Subway!). I've never had that happen with any of the other Yankee candles, but I will be leery from now on. -I freeze my candles beforehand, trim wicks on all non-Slatkin & co candles (never trim their 3 wick ones unless you want them to drown in wax!), allow it to burn into an even pool so the candle memory holds....nothing worked on that one!

4. Mykelti and Ranger have Advanced Agility and Ob-Fam tonight. I'm going to crash when I get home after running those two! Rosie had her very first obedience class last night; she did pretty darn good! 

5. I'm really not a fan of clingy/needy adults; it's honestly just a bit unsettling! I'm pretty social/outgoing most of the time, and I get along well with most people. That being said, the overly-clingy types make me want to run for the hills! 

6. Last night I watched "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" for the first time in ages. Ahhh I adore that movie!

7. If' you're a local foodie, try the California pizza from Bosco's Squared in midtown! It's so yummy! It has Chevre cheese, pine nuts, basil, sun dried tomatoes, and an olive oil crust. YUMMY!

8. I finally was able to access my Pinterest account again this morning. Yay!  Here's hoping that they fixed whatever issue was going on so that it doesn't happen again.

9. Mykelti has developed a knack for flipping her toys super high into the air and catching them.It's pretty cute to watch! That is, until she misses catching the toy, and said toy hits you in the face with a force that I would assume is equal to the weight of a baby elephant!

10. I'm obsessed with the "Pink Chiffon" shower gel from Bath & Body Works. (I received for free with a coupon I used during my recent Fall Test Scent order.) It smells amazing!

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