Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Do you ever just have days where everything is out of wack and you just want to scream? That was my day today! I need a good vent session, so feel free to skip to the next post, unless of course you'd like to be amused for a few moments with my ranting. I have a lot of things to be happy and thankful for in my life, and I definitely appreciate them all! I'm blessed! That being said, sometimes the little things all compile into one big headache, and it feels so terrific to vent a bit! Here's my vent! :

1. I didn't get any sleep last night (yay insomnia!). So an hour after I FINALLY fell asleep (8am)...the lawn care people come out and started mowing my yard right outside of my window...yeah. awesome!  

2. I finally got the orders from Bath  & Body Works/Slatkin & Co's Fall Test Scents in today. I was very pleased about that! I wasn't however pleased that the Fed Ex delivery guy was too lazy to deliver them under my covered front porch, and instead left them by the side door....to get grass clippings ALL over them from the lawn care people. REALLY? (I even left a note about where to deliver them!)

3. When I went to log into my Pinterest account today, I got a message saying that my account had been locked. (Apparently, some asshole hacked my account and now it will take several day to get my information and everything corrected and restored.) Seriously! Pinterest is one of the few things that I really enjoy when I've had a crummy day...I could have done without that. And who hacks that anyways? Disappointed! I hope Pinterest resolves this soon; I'm irritated about that one.

4. There air went out in my car a few weeks ago, so I've been driving around in the heat with absolutely no air. I'm heat intolerant. Yeah, not cool! (literally). I need to get that fixed soon; I'm praying it won't be a pricey repair!

5. I took Rosie to her very first obedience class tonight. She was great! Perfect loose-leash walking, sits, downs, leave-it's, recall and so on. She made me VERY proud handler! That was, until the last 5 minutes...when she decided to just whine for no reason at all. LOUD TOLLER WHINING! (Even after I had already taken her for a potty break, so that wasn't the issue). She was likely just over-stimulated from all the excitement of being in a new class. Oh well, at least she wasn't as bad as some of the other dogs there, and she corrected easily (can we say "forced downs" are our friend! ;) )

6. After I left class with Rosie, I decided that I would swing by Jerry's Sno Cones to pick up a treat to take over to my mom's house (beside Jerry's) before I went back to my house for the night. Yeah...when I got there, the line was all of the way into the street. Yikes! No parking, scorching heat, insane line...I decided to drive around for a few minutes and come back to see if the line would die down. Came back, and the line was even longer! (This was right before closing too, when the lines are usually not as crazy.) I decided to just forget about it (It was hot enough driving in my car w/o air; I did not feel like making myself or the puppy stand in line in the heat for an hour.) So, we didn't get any Jerry's tonight. Sadness!

7.On the note of Jerry's Sno Cones...let me just say that since I was a tiny child, I grew up not even two streets over from there. I went to Jerry's BEFORE it was ever popular. I knew the older couple who used to own it on a first name basis, and even went to church with them for a while. I went constantly in the summertime with my mom and our dog; it was "our thing", before it ever became popular for everyone else and their grandma to go! I am happy that their business has expanded so much in recent years and that they are drawing in huge crowds. That means they have a successful business in a tough economy, and that they will be sticking around! That being said, I HATE that they will not expand and open a bigger facility to accommodate the parking, the crowds, and the business. It is horrible! I hate that something I love so much has become so "trendy" to the point of turning lifelong customers away because it is so frustrating to visit at times. They really need to expand; it's ridiculous! 

8. Since I couldn't get Jerry's tonight, I decided to settle on a sonic drink on the way home (their new pineapple slush is amazing!). Once I got it in the car however, I clumsily picked it up and spilled a lot of it out. I love drinking it, not wearing it!

9.I have "lost" my phone at least 4 times today. One of those was when I was pulled over to decide if it was worth the wait to get Jerry's or not. I started to look for my phone to call my mom....and couldn't find it! (I frantically looked through my purse for several minutes, and even debated driving over to my mom's house like a weird to borrow her phone to call mine. (Reason being, if I left my phone at the training facility or in the parking lot there, it's not in a great neighborhood, so I'd rather make sure it wasn't just "lost" in my car somewhere first.) Thankfully, I didn't need to...as soon as I moved some more things around, I realized that it was sitting underneath my purse. Crisis averted! (When I got home however, I "lost" it again and had to use the house phone to call it. It was sitting on the guest bathroom counter? (At least that time, it wasn't on silent!)

10. The moron builders who built the home that I live in did not make the garage long enough to house a standard 4-door type car. The ONLY car that would fit in it parked straight ahead and normal would be a VW Bug (I'm not even kidding!) So as a result, the previous owners left dents all over the wall, and in the year that I've lived here, so have I. I always have to park my car at a slant/angle each time I get home. I'm too short to see over the wheel well, so since it's pretty much "blind parking", I always tend to lightly ding the wall in the same spot. Well tonight, I REALLY dinged the heck out of the wall and further expanded the dent quite significantly. Sigh! (On a positive note..I do know how to fix drywall and paint...)

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