Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 Things Tuesday

In no particular order:

1. I simultaneously feel like I'm FREEZING, but I'm burning up to the touch. Never a great thing; pretty sure my heart is acting up again. :/

2. I finally got groceries today. Yay!!!

3. On the note of #2, I can spend hours wandering around Target....hours! (Even with a broken toe!)

4. I saw "Ted" recently; it's hilarious!! You should all go see that movie!

5. I am dying to get my hands on Maroon 5's New CD, "Hands All Over".

6. Currently drinking "Simply Lemonade with Raspberry"- all natural  and  SOOO YUMMY!!!

7. I don't care if it's the middle of July, I'm going to take a LUSH bubble bath tonight; I'm freeeeeeezing!

8. Am I the only person who stock-piles toilet paper? I think I have this subconscious fear of running out of toilet paper haha! I keep both bathrooms stocked at all times.

9. I need to do my nails again. I'm thinking of using "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie" by OPI!

10. Emeli Sande- "Next To Me" - song that's currently stuck in my head. 

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