Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nail of the Day

(This made me laugh!)

I hope all of you Lovelies are having a wonderful day so far! It's time for another, "Nail of the Day" post! Walgreens recently had BOGO sales on several brands of polishes. They were already dirt cheap, so throw in the BOGO sales on top of that, and I paid next to nothing! That's pretty awesome in my book! I chose two colors from each line to try. (Two Revlon and two Wet n' Wild). I thought it would be fun to try and review some of them today!

Left to Right:
Wet n' Wild Fast Dry -"90210range" -222C
Revlon Colorstay- "Wild Strawberry"  - 070
Revlon- "Quick Dry Top Coat"
OPI's "Base Coat"
Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover (This does not hurt at all! It felt like I was applying aloe to my cuticles; no issues at all!), 
C.O. Bigelow Lavender Salve (on cuticles/hands; I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!),
 Double sided cuticle stick from Walgreens (I use the soft part on my cuticles, and the hard part to gently clean under my nails)
Sephora's Nail Corrector

 In natural sunlight 
(ignore my cuticles; I didn't do the best job)
 Indoor lighting
A view of the color names! 

My Thoughts
I like both nail polishes quite a bit! I personally think the Wet n' Wild Fast Dry color (the orange accent nail) will hold up better than the Revlon ColorStay in this instance (And bonus: it was dirt cheap!). As you can tell from the picture, not even 24hrs in, and I already have some minor chipping on the nails painted in the Revlon polish (the pink nails). The Wet n' Wild polish is perfect and not chipped at all so far. I've never tried the Wet n' Wild Fast Dry polishes before: I will be buying more; they are fantastic! The consistency is terrific, the brush is easy to use, the color applies opaque (that's hard to find in a glitter polish!), no streaking, no bubbles, and so far-no chipping! Great job "Wet n' Wild": A+ polish! 

I love the Revlon polish too. I do find the "ColorStay" name to be a bit misleading, however since I already have a bit of chipping on my nails. Overall though, I like it! The color is beautiful, the brush is a cinch to use, it goes on opaque, no streaking or bubbles: B+ polish! 

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