Friday, July 27, 2012

Get your hair did! (My dogs are obsessed with the blow dryer!)

I thought this post would be appropriate since I'm going to get my hair done later today! The sweet girl I normally go to was booked solid when I called their salon well over a week and a half ago trying to make an appointment. So, I decided to try out another salon my friend recommended, that is actually closer to me! Please say a little prayer that they do a good job! (I just want more highlights and my layers redone...nothing crazy). I'm always a little bit leery about letting new people touch my hair, so I'm hoping this goes well! (My friend's hair always looks amazing, so I trust her recommendation!) 

Why did I want that appointment so badly? Well you see, my birthday is on Sunday. Even if I can't do a darn thing about getting older, I can still make sure I look nice! I refuse...REFUSE to turn 27 (ahh I feel ancient) looking anything less than fabulous! I truly believe that women should be classy and beautiful at all stages of their lives! I don't know about you lovelies, but one thing that always makes me feel beautiful and happy is getting my hair done once in a while! 

There are several other members of my family that also LOVE getting their hair done too: My Australian Shepherds. Yeah, you read that dogs are FREAKS lol! They LOVE bath time, they LOVE hair dryers, they LOVE getting their fur brushed....Love it! (Ranger even enjoys having his nails trimmed and dremmeled smooth! (Mykelti has ticklish feet, so that's the only grooming thing she despises...even the new puppy is better about having her nails done!) Ranger and Mykelti always come running up to me anytime they hear me break out the hairdryer to style my hair....they LOVE the hairdryer! Mykelti is especially enamored with the hair dryer and will pester me incessantly until I blow dry her fur too! (She does the same thing with lip gloss, body spray, makeup, and so on. Anything that I, she wants to be right in the middle of the action too! If I put something on, she hounds me until I let her see it or put a pinch on her. She's such a little ham! I know she's a dog, but if it's possible for a dog to be a "girly girl", Mykelti is one!) Even Rosie is now showing interest in the hair dryer since she's seen how into it the Aussies are lol. 

Here are two video clips of my weird dogs and just how enthusiastic they are about hair dryers!

(The song starts off a little loud, but listen closely to the lyrics: Hilarious!)

Ranger equally enjoys the hair dryer! I've linked a video below of him being goofy while I was grooming him before a therapy visit. I'm not sure why my Aussies enjoy the hair dryer so much, but it definitely makes life easier on me when it comes time to groom them for therapy visits and special events! Rosie seems to be following in their footsteps too...hopefully she will be an easy dog to groom as well! :) 

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