Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Things Tuesday!

I haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought it'd be fun to do a 10 Randoms Things, Tuesday! So, in no particular order:

1. Did you know that Curad makes animal-print band-aids? Well, they do.They are super cute too! I'm wearing a Zebra one on my arm right now.

2. I've recently become quite obsessed with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. It's so delicious! (If you eat it with whole grain crackers or pita bread, it makes a great alternative to chips and dip!)

3. This week the shelf in my laundry room that I use to store my boxed goods on completely collapsed. (Even though I hadn't added any extra weight to it) Ergo, I have no storage, and all of those boxes are now sitting on top of my dryer until my dad helps me re-anchor the shelf to the wall again. (I love my house, but one of my complaints about living here is that there is absolutely NO food storage anywhere...none! When I moved in, I tried to remedy the situation by added a small black book shelf beside my refrigerator to store canned goods on, a little metal shelf in the laundry room for extra items, and a long white shelf above that for boxed goods. My little storage system has worked quite well up until this week's fail! :/

4. Did you know that Target has an entire section on their website devoted to coupons that you can print off for free? We're talking about hundreds of dollars worth of coupons on there! I just discovered this yesterday while I was planning my shopping list. They have coupons that cover everything from household items like trash bags, to cosmetics and groceries! (If you're one of my readers that has children, they also have coupons for pacifiers, diapers, formula, and things of that nature). Yesterday, I made up my shopping list and was able to print quite a few coupons to go along with it for my upcoming trip to the store! They even have coupons for the Target brand items, clothing, and accessories! Yay! www.coupons.target.com

5. The lawn care people are coming out to cut my grass today! Yay, It needs it! This is also reminding me that my poor "patio area" needs a little TLC in the flower department! I'll have to check out the sales at the local nurseries this week and see if I can find anything inexpensive to get a little creative with. I'm thinking of making two trellises with a wooden log planter in between (for sheet plants) and having two hanging baskets above the plant log, in-between the two trellises! Make sense? It looks great in my mind; I just need to make that happen somehow...

6. Last night I was so tired that I went to bed around 8:30pm...not even joking! That translated into me waking up wired at 2:30am this morning lol...

7. I go back to my cardiologist today. Let's hope I get some good news!

8. Allure is putting their Annual Summer Beauty Box on sale today at 12:01pm EDT(Eastern Daylight Time)! Go check it out!!! (If you're a local friend, that means you need to be on their website a little bit before 11am! I would REALLY recommend that you go ahead and register early (account information,etc) so that you're ready to go once the clock hits time and you get a box before they sell out! They WILL sell out quickly!). If you're not familiar with the Allure Summer Beauty Box, you get over $250 worth of makeup, hair care, & skin care products for only $39.99. (Brands include: Neutrogena, Orly, Oscar Blandi, Pantene, Pureology, Redkin, Tantowel, Fekkai, Gillette, Jergins, John Frieda, MISS, Aloxxi Colourcare, Biore, Burt's Bees, Cerave, Cetaphil, Clean & Clear, and Dr. Lewinn bt Kinerase. That's a TON of stuff my friends!!!). You can order your box by googling: Allure Access
summer beauty box

9. I need to go shopping: I'm running out of food, household things, and pet food/cat litter. I think a trip to Target, Kroger, and Hollywood Feed is in order!

10. Ranger has been so clingy today! He's such a little snuggle monster sometimes! :)

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