Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday:Lydia's Strawberry Banana Blast Smoothie Recipe

Today I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite drink recipes with all of you! The following is my favorite strawberry-banana smoothie recipe. I drink smoothies about as often as most people drink coffee in the morning! I LOVE fresh fruit smoothies! You can pretty much try any combination of fruit and juices in them and wind up with a fantastic combination each time. Feel free to get creative! (You can also add in veggies to yours as well if you want to increase the amount of vegetables you're getting into your diet! Spinach is a great one to add, especially if you're making a blueberry smoothie!)

(For added fun, serve in a margarita glass with a cute umbrella or stir stick!)

Lydia's Strawberry- Banana Blast Smoothie:

-1 TBSP Fat Free Cool Whip (If you want a richer texture, natural vanilla ice cream tastes great! I use Bryer's Lactose Free Natural Vanilla sometimes)
-1 tsp honey (If you're out of honey, you can add a pinch of sugar instead)
-2 cups strawberries (frozen or fresh) (You can always add in other fruit too: peaches, pineapple, mango, blueberry, lime, etc!)
-2 bananas
-1/2 cup ice water (You can substitute milk, orange juice, coconut milk or coconut water, pineapple or apple juice instead!) 
-1 cup ice

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