Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey Governor Haslam: Go Screw Yourself!!!

This morning I woke up to a lovely email from Amazon, notifying me that due to a law that the state of TN added recently, all Tennessee residents will now have to pay back taxes on their Amazon orders they've placed this year. Even though the bill doesn't go in effect until 2014, they are charging everyone for anything they ordered this year that didn't have taxes on the website with it. WTF?! Our taxes are already sky-high; this is ridiculous! I don't know about you guys, but one of the primary reasons that I even shop on Amazon and do business on their website is because they make things so affordable for those on a budget! I am so ticked off right now..

Who can we thank for this little gem of a bill??? Tennessee Asshole Governor Bill Haslam! As far as I'm concerned, he can take that bill and shove it where the sun doesn't shine! I'll give you two guesses on who will NEVER get my vote! If you're as outraged about this as I am, do what I'm doing and call, email, and snail mail his office about your disgust over this new bill: Contact Here. In my views, the state government really overstepped their boundaries and should have NO control over what I buy online through a website like Amazon when they already charge such high sales taxes as it is!(Of course, as long as nobody is ordering anything illegal). They should not punish me and others for  doing business online! 

My email from Amazon this morning:

You may owe use tax on purchases you made from LLC during the previous calendar year. The amount of tax you may owe is based on the total sales price of the items you purchased during the calendar year unless an exemption exists under state law or you have already paid the tax. A sale is not exempt under state law because it is made through the Internet. The total sales price of purchases you had shipped to Tennessee in 2011 was $56.12. This is the amount that you may include on your Tennessee use tax return to calculate the appropriate use tax owed unless you have already paid the tax.

As purchases from LLC can be made through various sales channels, we have included directly below your breakdown of purchases from the various channels.

Total sales from Amazon:  $56.12 (I had to take out the links from this since they were linked to my account)

In addition, the state of Tennessee requires us to provide you with the following link that you can use to get more information and pay any taxes due:

Use Tax Page: (I had to take out the link since it was directly linked to my information)
Please note the following:

• While LLC does not report this information directly to the state of Tennessee we are required to provide this information to you based on Tennessee Code T.C.A. § 67-6-5 (f)(3) signed into law March 23, 2012.
• This notification has been sent to all customers that had purchases delivered to Tennessee. If you are not a resident of Tennessee, the most common reason for receiving this notification is that you may have sent a gift to a recipient in the state.

For more information you may also view our Tennessee Use Tax Notification Page at:
(I removed the link because it was directly linked to my amazon account)

Customer Service"

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