Monday, April 23, 2012

Company Reviews: Don't forget to leave positive reviews too!

Have you ever visited a business and have been so upset with the customer service, a meal, a bad product,etc that you called and complained to the company? I'm sure a lot of you have at some point. After all, we want to have positive, good experiences when we use our money to do business with a particular place. We want others to treat us how we would like to be treated and such, right? 

Well, time to flip the coin! Have you ever visited a business and have been so impressed with the customer service, products,etc that you called and given a positive review to the company? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't.Today, I want to encourage you to remember to give positive feedback and reviews too, not just negative ones! It only takes a few moments out of your day, and I feel that it can really help keep businesses, staff, and such accountable and positive when they know they're doing a great job! It's so important for companies and businesses to "get it right" when it comes to treating customers with respect and offering good quality products, etc. I feel strongly that when a business and their staff go out of their way to show kindness, an excellent work ethic, and offer great products, that I should let them know that it is noticed and appreciated! 

In the past week, I've filled out/called on two different surveys for entirely different businesses (BarkBox and Dunkin Donuts) because I was so impressed with the quality and service behind both. I'm definitely the type of person to call or go online and do surveys and leave good feedback if I'm happy with a place I visit. I find that when you take the time to do so, most companies are pleased to hear when their businesses did a great job. So many times, people can only be bothered to pick up the phone or write an email if they experience something negative and get upset. Why not take the time to leave positive feedback when companies leave you with a positive experience too?! It helps reinforce to them that great service is still important and people do notice great service! So my lovelies, I encourage you this week to take notice of not just the negatives, but also the great experiences you may have when you go out and do businesses at different places in your day to day life. If someone goes out of their way to offer you a kind word or to make sure you're satisfied with a particular product, meal,etc, give them a positive review and pay it forward! It only takes a few minutes of your time, and I definitely feel like that sort of kindness should be acknowledged more in the world we live in! 

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