Monday, April 16, 2012

Magazine Monday: My top 10 picks!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite magazines with you all today! I typically gravitate to magazines that pertain to beauty/health, recipes, advice, decorating, animals, and things of that nature just to give you an idea. Here are a list of my top 10 picks:

1. Cosmopolitan: I have collected this magazine since I was 17. If you can get past the racy cover, there are actually some really great articles in each issue! This magazine covers everything from intimacy, career, dating, and  family advice, work out tips, safety, hosting, beauty, health, and even terrific recipes and decorating ideas! Nearly a decade later, it's still my favorite! 

2. Red Book: I've subscribed off and on to Redbook for a few years (I got it free one year as an offer with my Cosmopolitan subscription in the past. It's a great magazine with lots of fantastic home keeping, hosting, decorating, and beauty tips. I also find it gives good suggestions on how to dress for your body type/etc! Although there are lots of fantastic articles and I really do enjoy reading Redbook, I do find that its a bit more geared towards women with families. So since I'm a single lady, some of the articles aren't really relevant to me.

3. Oprah: I absolutely live Oprah magazine! About two years ago, they were running a special, so I got 12 subscriptions for only $5; that's a great deal! I find that Oprah magazine offers a good variety of topics. It covers beauty and household tips/shopping guides, recipes, inspirational articles, pet information, and life tips!

4. Glamour: I received a subscription to both Glamour and Allure magazines through a special that my local Ulta was running. I find both magazines to be fun reads! They are very similar to one another and primarily cover: Beauty, skincare/makeup, fitness, romance, clothing, health tips for women, and things of that nature. I enjoy reading both and find the beauty related articles to be my favorite! (If you enjoy reading Cosmopolitan, you might enjoy reading Allure and Glamour!)

5. Allure: (See Above!) I find Allure and Glamour to be VERY similar. The only difference I would really say is that I gravitate more towards Allure because they often offer less pricey suggestions when it comes to buying makeup and clothing than Glamour does. Glamour has more lifestyle articles / higher end shopping guides; Allure is more beauty/product driven and offers budget friendly suggestions.

6. Australian Shepherd Magazine: I love this magazine because it has great breed-specific tips and ideas that pertain to my pups! The only complaint that I have is that it's only released a few times a year! Booo!!!

7. Interactions (Delta Society/Pet Partners): Interactions is a magazine geared specifically towards pet therapy. There are lots of beneficial articles, training/visiting tips and such in it! As a therapy dog handler, I find it to be a very, very helpful magazine!

8. The New York Times: My cousin got me hooked on it! It's not something that I would have typically gravitated towards in the past, but after my cousin gave me a one year subscription a while back, I found myself really enjoying the topics and ideas covered in the weekly print! Not only does it offer fantastic ideas, view points, and a wide range of topics, it also has fantastic illustrations and cartoons that I enjoy as well!

9. Better Homes and Gardens: I had a subscription to BH&G several years ago that came free on the print off coupons I got with my receipt from shopping at Kroger. (Don't throw those babies away people, actually look at them once in a while; sometimes they have awesome offers and free things!) I really enjoyed the home decorating tips and gardening ideas in that magazine. I will definitely subscribe again in the future if I find a great special!

10. Real Simple: This is my absolute favorite home/organizational magazine, hands down! The tips and suggestions found in this little gem are fantastic! Many of the ideas teach you how to re purpose and organize things that you already have and wind up saving you money while helping your home look its best! My ONLY complaint about this magazine is that it can be a bit on the pricey end of the spectrum. I plan to subscribe once I find a reasonable deal! 

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