Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Musings...

It's been a really tough week. It's still hard to believe that I don't have my Macy dog with me anymore; I had grown so attached to her! I will always cherish the precious paw prints she left on my heart. Macy was like my little shadow, following me everywhere that I went and always greeting me with a happy tail and a kiss. It's so weird not having her around; there's definitely a bit of a void in my house now. I'm planning to make a memory shadow box this week with her dog collar, adoption papers, and some pictures, as a little tribute to my girl. I will post a picture once I make it; I'm planning to hang it up in the pet room next to her Obedience certificates. 

My other pets have been grieving for Macy as well. All of them have been moping around the house and visiting the spots Macy used to lay on, and the toys she used to play with. I guess all of us have had a tough week; we all lost our sweet best friend. I've been trying to spend more time with my other dogs, Ranger and Mykelti and showering them with lots of attention. We've been going on even more trips to the pet stores, more car rides, more training, more trips to the park,etc. (Things we already do everyday; I just increased it to try and distract them a bit). Hopefully, they'll perk up soon. We all grieve in different ways and it will just take time. One of my friends brought her dog over yesterday, and both of my Aussies just lit up to have another friend over for a visit. It was the first time I've seen them really play and have fun since our Macy passed away. I've been going back and forth on if I'll bring home another dog, but after watching their reaction; I may just give it another thought. (I will be starting an online course soon for Polysonograpy, and will have several months of online work do do before I start clinicals. So, if I were to add another dog to my home, now would actually be a good time because it would allow me several months of being home to really train and housebreak.) If I found the right dog that was a perfect fit for my home, a great match for therapy work, the right temperament, and so on, I would consider potentially fostering one for a while and seeing how it gets along with my pups.That being said, I'm in no rush or time frame though. If the right dog happens to come along soon, awesome! If not, I'm completely content with that as well. My first priority belongs to the dogs I already own. Anyone else that comes into our lives and adds to our joy would just be a welcome new addition if that worked out. 

Last night my friend and I went to the Humane Society's adoption event to look at some of the dogs there. (I adopted Macy from the Humane Society). I checked out every dog in every single kennel, but just didn't feel that any of them were a good match. Today, they're having a few other groups join them at their adoption event. One group in particular has a dog that I'm interested in, so I might go check her out and see how it goes.(Female Great Dane.  I fostered one several years back, so I am familiar with the needs/requirements and already know that I really loved that breed.). If I wind up fostering and eventually adopting; I'll be sure to post about it. If not, you lovely readers will still continue to receive lots of fun updates and pictures of my other furbabies! 

(If' you've read the entire way through all of my musings today, you deserve a cookie!)

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