Sunday, April 22, 2012

BarkBox Review! (April 2012)

After reading the title to today's blog post, you're probably wondering,"what on earth is a BarkBox?" Well, you're in luck! Ranger, Macy, and Mykelti  made a short video that I've linked below with all sorts of information about this fantastic subscription service for dogs! Our first box was a huge hit with my dogs. We are really looking forward to next month's box!

Use coupon code: LYGRE005 and you will receive $5 off of your first box! Great deal!

~BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for your dog that sends out deluxe samples and some full-sized of products for you and your pet to try out. (It is like the canine version of beauty subscription services such as BirchBox and EcoEmi.) Very neat idea! 10% of proceeds from each order go to support shelters and rescues. One of the things that I REALLY appreciate about the companies they use in their boxes, is that most of them are made in the USA and offer healthy, natural options when it comes to treats and things of that nature. In addition to treats and chews, their boxes also include lifestyle products such as collars, dog treat trays, shampoos/ wipes, toys, pick up bags, and things of that nature. One neat thing about this company, is that they give you a survey to fill out when you register so that you can pick an appropriately sized box for your dogs. All boxes are the same price; prices are listed on their website and vary depending on how many months you choose to order. (So, a small Chihuahua will receive different treats/toys than say, a Great Dane!) For our first box, I chose the "Just Right" (20-50lbs) option for my medium-sized dogs. There are also options for "Small and Cute" (0-20lbs) and "Big and Bold" (50lbs and up). In hindsight, I should have ordered the "Big and Bold" box since I was sharing one box in between my three dogs. Live and learn! (:

One thing that I found really helpful about their website is that they offer a live "chat" option if you need to speak with one of the customer service reps. I was able to click the "chat" button today on their website and speak with one of the sweet customer service reps. She was very kind and changed our order so that next month they'll receive the"Big and Bold" box! Their customer service is extremely fast and friendly; that's something I always look for in any kind of business or company that I interact with. I would highly recommend this company to all of you dog owners out there!  

(I absolutely love the BarkBox company, and so do my dogs! My only suggestion to improve their company, would be to offer a box option for people who have multi-dog households!)

Want to check out BarkBox and learn more? 
~If you're interested in ordering a BarkBox for your pup, be sure to use the coupon code: LYGRE005  to receive $5 off of your first order! 

Check out the videos below!

(Be sure to pause the music in the right side bar before you press play!) 

Want to know more about BarkBox? This video has a more detailed review! 

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