Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ranger and his doggy couch!

Ranger loves his little doggy couch! It's his favorite place to chew on his toys, read his doggy paper, unwind after therapy visits, and get naps in! This little Costco gem is probably one of the best things I've ever purchased as a dog owner; it was inexpensive and has really held up well!

When Ranger was 23 weeks old, I found a cute little doggy couch at Costco and brought it home for him; he loved it! Nearly 2 years later, it's still his favorite spot! 
Ranger and his newspaper...
He loves to take his toys over to his couch and play.
How is this comfortable?
Such a goof!
Not a care in the world....
 Being a dog is tough...

 He sticks his tongue out when he sleeps lol...(This one was taken on my couch, not his; although, he thinks both are his!)

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