Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome Home Ranger! I can't believe it's been two years!

Today marks two years since my sweet Ranger came home to live with me! He is the most incredible surprise I've ever had in my life. I am thankful for each day I get to spend with this incredible best friend by my side! I love my sweet boy so much!

On 4-3-10, I came home from a trip to Target to find this sweet little surprise on my balcony with my ex holding him up so that I could see him. I was absolutely shocked and thrilled! Long story short, my apartment was locked up since I wasn't expecting anyone so, you can imagine my surprise when I sat my shopping bags down and saw the puppy of my dreams on my balcony! (In a side note: Although the relationship with my ex did not last for various reasons, I do not regret it because my sweet Ranger came into my life as a result of it. I have never had a more sweet and thoughtful "gift" in my life than the joy this sweet dog brings to me!)

Not only does Ranger bring me joy and smiles each day, he also shares that with others in our community through his work as a registered therapy dog. I am so blessed that I got to watch this sweet boy grow from a tiny puppy into a wonderful dog and family member!

I wanted to share a few pictures of Ranger over the past two years that I've had him. I love this sweet boy so much!

 (The pictures below aren't in any particular order.)

This photo below was the first picture I ever saw of my sweet Ranger! I unknowingly picked him out while having dinner at an Ihop several weeks before he came home. I was admiring the cute puppies online and reminiscing about the old Aussie that I used to own and how much I missed that Aussie personality. I lightheartedly mentioned how much I would love to have a little puppy just like that one. Since he was in a different state at the time, I absolutely had NO clue I would wind up with this little guy in my life only a few short weeks later! Best surprise ever!)

Tiny baby Ranger!
The day he passed his Canine Good Citizen test. He was 11 months old and made me very proud!
 Always smiling!
 Handsome boy!

 Ranger with his blue bunny
 Ranger on Easter Sunday, 2010. His first full day at home!

Showing off his pretty coat after his grooming

Cutie pie! He was waiting patiently for his first taste of ice cream.
Look at that face! He loved it haha...

 The day we became a registered therapy team!
 On my 25th Birthday (He was about 6 months old in this one)
 He loves our friend Margee's horses!
 Handsome boy! (1yr)

 Ranger loves teddy bears and blankets
 After he passed his Advanced Obedience class
 Showing off his first ID tag
 Ranger's first trip to Petsmart
 Pine cone connoisseur
 Am I a Rabbit or a Puppy? 

sweet face!

Tiny baby Ranger at his breeder's farm before he came home to Memphis! :)
 Look at the pink on his little nose! Aww!
(The leather on their faces naturally darkens with age to help protect against skin cancer)

He loved to be held at a puppy! (He actually still likes to be held and will try to sit in my lap whenever I get on the couch and he wants to snuggle!)
 Little chunk!
 Ranger was named after The Lone Ranger, because of the little black mask around his eyes

 The first picture I ever took of him; he was a thirsty boy! 4-3-10
 He's a Momma's Boy!
 Ranger after his very first therapy visit
 Ranger's first Christmas with his sweet sister, Macy! 
 Sweet boy sleeping in the car on his way home from puppy classes
 Love him!
This is how he sleeps now...lol
 Ranger loves blankets; they are his favorite!
Happy boy!
 He likes Sinatra, and hats. He is quite dapper! 
Ranger is a READ dog that helps children learn how to read through therapy work.
Ranger on his second birthday!

Ranger is such an incredible dog! This sweet boy is such a testament to his wonderful, reputable breeders! They love and raise their pups with pride, and ensure that they have an incredible start to life! They make sure each and every baby of theirs winds up in a terrific home! (Many of them wind up being working dogs, like Ranger and his little sister, Mykelti.) If you're looking for an Australian Shepherd, please give Brake4Aussies your consideration! www.brake4aussies

 A year after I brought him and saw how much joy he brought to my life, I knew I just had to have another little love bug like him! So, Ranger rode all the way to Missouri with us to help pick out his baby sister, Mykelti! (She's a therapy dog in training, following in her big brother's footsteps! :)