Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I swear, some people just need a damn high-five to their face...with a chair! I am so sick of being treated like a doormat by people that I try so hard to be kind to and go out of my way to help! Today, I REALLY had to resist the urge not to tell a certain person EXACTLY how I felt about their rude, insufferable, horrid attitude! Seriously, hateful person who shall remain nameless, try treating others with kindness once in a while! I'm beginning to believe that you were you raised by brazen, manner-less, savages! Who knows, maybe if you actually attempt to be nice, you'll quit being such an awful person that nobody wants to be around! (Doubtful!) If your attempts to be polite and actually act like a well-mannered person do not work out, have no fear! I know of a fantastic place where you can go and shove your attitude... 

(Since it's probably frowned upon in most civilized establishments to high-five a bitch in the face with a chair, I will instead choose to go to sleep now. It's WAY past my bed time! )

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