Monday, February 20, 2012

Safety First!

Hello my lovelies,  
              Today's blog post is about a very important issue: 

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Ok my lovelies, here's what I want you to do today: Take 5 minutes out of your 24 hour day to make sure your home is fire/safety-ready!

-Have an emergency plan and know it like the back of your hand. It doesn't hurt to practice. If you have a family, have meeting spots set up so you all know where to meet if something were to happen to your home. 

-Make sure that you have copies of all your important documents and files saved in a water-proof folder at your disposal. (Maybe one tucked away in your car (under a spare tire in the trunk, not your glove box) and one in a P.O. box or another relatives home in case something happens at your house.) If you have pets, be sure to include copies of their rabies, microchip numbers, and medical certificates.

Now, it's time to check your fire extinguishers and make sure they are within a normal range! If yours is not within normal range, you should be able to take it to any fire station near your home and have them adjust it. If you don't have a fire extinguisher, you can pick one up at Walmart, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, and lots of other places. They aren't very expensive, and they might just save your life! Make sure that the one you buy is rated for the room you're putting it in. (Mine is by First Alert and it's rated, A,B,C for the types of fires it's appropriate for.) I keep mine in my kitchen under my sink and have a small label on the door it's behind so that anyone in my home can find it easily. (I plan to add a second one to my bedroom the next time I go to the store, just because ya never know!). If you have a two-story home, make sure you have at least one on every floor and that you have safety ladders near the windows as well.

~ And on the note of fire safety, it's time to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure the batteries are working! 

If you don't own a Carbon Monoxide detector, you need one! Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, tasteless gas, so you might not know if it's in your home until it's too late. I have two detectors by "First Alert". They plug into wall outlets and have a battery backup in case the power runs out. I try to check all of mine monthly to make sure that they are working properly. 

Here are a few helpful links:
If you have kids...
If you have pets...
Tons of helpful safety videos: everything from carbon monoxide to fire safety!

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